Attention Athletic Trainers!


2017 Is An Atheltic Training Reporting Year - All Requirements Are DUE 12/31/20

In accordance with the BOC guidelines, athletic Trainers certified in 2015 or before must complete 50 CEUs, which must include at least 10 Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEUs.  Complete 40 of those contact hours with BOC Approved Category A continuing education courses offered by Milestone CE.

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Kentucky OT Continuing Education


Kentucky Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Courses OnlineKentucky might be officially called the “bluegrass” state, but sometimes I think it would be just as accurate to call it the derby state, don’t you? Along that line of thought let’s talk about the race to finish all of your CEUs before the October 31st deadline! Occupational therapists and OTAs have to complete 12 hours of continuing education in order to fully qualify for license renewal.

The full CEU requirement may be completed with online CE courses such as those offered by AOTA Approved Providers like Milestone Continuing Education (#7487). Go ahead, put on that giant fancy hat you have stowed away for such occasions. Don’t be shy!

Milestone offers a wide range of CE course titles that combine recent information from your field into 3, 5, 7, and 10 hour modules designed to fit your busy schedule. Choose topics focused on:

There are hundreds of hours to choose from (believe me, I counted) and you can get started immediately when you select the online version of any module. Simply purchase your courses and download them to your preferred device – your computer, iPad, Kindle or tablet. If you need technical assistance at any point during this process, do not hesitate to call! One of our CE Specialists will happily walk you through the download steps any time (yes, that includes weekends and week nights!).

DID YOU KNOW? Milestone Continuing Education is an AOTA Approved Provider (#7487) with a course catalog currently offering topics that cover the latest information in your field. All courses are available in 2 convenient formats: downloadable PDFs (perfect for on-the-go!) and mail order where you will receive a bound hard copy of the course materials. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal at Milestone. Experience what online CE with Milestone is all about by visiting our website and getting started today!


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Milestone Continuing Education Online CEUsWhen Milestone CE was founded in 2010 most of its target clientele (PTs, OTs, athletic trainers, and other rehabilitation and fitness professionals like yourself) were completing their CEUs on a laptop or desktop computer. We put all of our effort into the design of the ultimate user-friendly website. However, over the past five years technology has increasingly moved away from traditional computers toward mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. While our website is currently accessible on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, it is not what is considered "mobile-friendly." With your help, we plan to make our current website completely mobile-friendly to up the convenience factor for all of our clients! That includes YOU!

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May is for Moving!


National Physical Fitness and Sports MonthAlthough personal trainers focus on fitness year-round, May is National Physical Fitness and Sports month. National Physical Fitness and Sports month is a government initiative offered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and promoted by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. With obesity rates steadily rising, the push to get America moving is growing stronger.

This initiative is designed to remind and encourage children, adults and seniors to get adequate exercise each week and include it as part of a balanced life. National Physical Fitness and Sports month emphasizes the importance of exercise as a means of disease prevention, wellness and overall optimal health. With past faced lives and numerous commitments, Americans often forget that integrating small changes can easily increase weekly exercise.

Trainers can seize this opportunity to remind clients of the importance of regular strength training and cardiovascular conditioning and “celebrate” National Physical Fitness and Sports month with the following ideas:

· Switch up your training sessions for something new. Incorporate a new piece of equipment or a new method of training like cardio intervals, drop sets or Tabata intervals. Find new ideas on the internet or learn a new modality through a continuing personal training education course.

· Teach your clients how to “play.” Hold your session at a playground and remind them how much fun it is to climb in, around and through playground equipment. This is an excellent opportunity to remind clients that exercise doesn’t have to be scheduled and organized. Spontaneous play is excellent for the mind and body!

· Get the whole family involved – invite them to your client’s next session and make exercise a family affair.

· Contact a senior center to see about offering an exercise-positive seminar or class. You’ll positively influence the senior segment and increase your training visibility. In a similar vein, contact local schools or after school programs and offer to host an exercise clinic.

· Offer your clients a “bonus” group exercise activity like a nature hike or a circuit course in a local hike. Group exercise is an excellent means of trying something new and creating morale.

· Incorporate a five-minute segment into each session to teach clients about a specific muscle group or joint. Increasing client anatomical awareness aids in client understanding of joint functionality and overall safety.

· Use your social media accounts to offer a daily inspiration, exercise or short cardio circuit.

· Challenge your clients using ChallengeLoop to commit to specific amount of exercise per day or per week. Offer a free session or a prize for the winning client. Alternatively, find an appropriate challenge and participate alongside your client(s).

· Use May as the kick-off point for client assessments. Conduct a full battery on client abilities including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility. Retest in three months to track progress and improvements.

Use this month to invigorate client programming and spark interest in new ways to incorporate fitness into daily life. Clients are often bombarded with information about health and fitness but you can use your expertise to separate the sensation from reality. Get moving!


Renewal Information for Nevada OTs


Nevada Occupational Therapy Continuing Education CoursesHeads up Nevada OTs, your deadline is less than 2 months away! That means it's time for little refresher on all things continuing education in the Silver State - or the Sagebrush State, or the Battle Born State, take your pick. In this brief review we'll cover all of the major aspects of the renewal process that concerns the CE requirement.

If you need a more in-depth review, there's no better place than the source: the State of Nevada Occupational Therapy Board website. Be sure to always reference your state's board rules as they are subject to frequent revisions. Now let's get started on this mini-review.

Unlike many states with a biennial deadline, OT practitioners in Nevada are required to complete the license renewal process annually with a license expiration date of June 30th. Both occupational therapists and OT assistants are required to complete 10 hours of continuing education, which may be obtained through both live seminars or with online CE courses with no limitations on the latter. If the online CE option suits your style the best, be sure to select a provider that is approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association as the courses provided are automatically accepted by the state.

Milestone is your no-gamble resource for online CE! We are an AOTA Approved Provider (#7487) and currently offer over 900 hours of downloadable course content in the OT Course Catalog. Getting started is easy; all it takes are a few clicks of your mouse. Simply select your course titles, complete the steps to create your personal profile (where all of your certificates of completion will be stored for you), purchase and download your content! You have up to one year to complete your courses once you've purchased them, but your certificates of completion (a downloadable PDF document) are stored in your account permanently.

You don't need to weigh the odds when it comes to your continuing education; the safest bet is Milestone!


National Occupational Therapy Month


One of the interesting things about visiting the National Health Observances website is looking through pages of recognized movements spotlighting opportunities to gain new appreciation and understanding for impactful issues. March was dedicated to the profession of athletic training (among other noteworthy topics). In April the efforts of Occupational Therapy practitioners is highlighted, shedding light on an often misunderstood - and underestimated - profession.

The American Occupational Therapy Association defines the practice of OT as: "help[ing] people across the lifespan participate in the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of everyday activities (occupations)." With an emphasis on fostering independence, occupational therapists and assistants implement therapeutic techniques to help individuals who are coping with developmental or physical disabilities "live life to the fullest," as the AOTA trademark slogan goes.

We take particular care in selecting OT continuing education topics for our Course Catalog and all month we're offering a special promotion to show our appreciation for all of the hard work OTs and OTAs do all throughout the year!

National Occupational Therapy Month 2015 #OTmonth


Training Athletes: How and Why It's Different


Athletic Trainer Continuing Education CEUsTraining athletes goes well beyond standard crunches, push-ups, and squats. Coaching athletes requires an intimate knowledge of their sport, the biomechanics involved and the type of nutrition required for optimal performance and recovery. Training programs vary by sport and trainers must grasp the specific movements associated with each sport.

A brief overview of key factors associated with athlete-specific training:

Football – Known for sheer mass, football players require heavy weight lifting and explosive cardio training. Concentrate on training large muscle groups and using a heavy weight/low repetition plan. Cardio should focus on short sprinting intervals with intermittent periods of rest. Strong core training is essential to maintain balance on the field.

Basketball – Evasive moves are a key element of basketball and players must have the biomechanical strength to move laterally and quickly. Aerobic capacity is also critical because of game length. Mass isn’t important but speed is. Explosive exercises like box jumps, clapping push-ups and kettlebell swings build up fast twitch muscles needed for abrupt and nimble movements.

Running – Training programs depend on whether your client is a sprinter or a marathoner. Sprinters need power from solid muscle mass while marathoners require steady state aerobic training to ensure they’ll be able to go the distance. Assess your client’s current abilities and examine their goals before designing a training program.

Cycling – Although it seems like leg strength is the real star of cycling, it’s actually the core. Core stabilization is key to delegate strength where it’s needed most. Cross training is essential for cyclists because training rides tend to be long and specific muscle groups are at risk for overuse. Implement alternative cardio sources (and other forms of exercise) to prevent overuse injuries and strengthen the entire body.

Hockey – Hockey is unique in that it encompasses nearly all of the elements mentioned above – explosive strength, speed and stabilization. Core flexibility is necessary in order to have the best range of motion on the ice. Interval sprints should be incorporated to increase the athlete’s anaerobic threshold.

Soccer – Because soccer games can be lengthy, endurance training is particularly important for soccer players. Explosive power is also a key element of soccer and plyometric training should be part of a soccer player’s training program. Functional training in addition to speed and agility drills are essential components of sport-specific training that translates to the field.

Tennis – Tennis is a full-body sport – nearly all muscles are engaged during a tennis game. A strong core is necessary to keep the body stable while moving across the court and to more evenly distribute effort required for swings. Strong shoulders and biceps help reduce the possibility of being sidelined with “tennis elbow.” Balance training is also fundamental for strong tennis skills.

Most sports require some type of periodization training. On-season training will differ from off-season training and athletes must accept that agility and muscle loss may occur as part of keeping the body in peak shape during sport season. Cycling the athlete through training periods keeps them in peak condition for their sport and reduces the chance of injury or overuse. Athletic training continuing education courses are available to help you coach your clients to success!


Alabama OT CE Requirements Revisited


Alabama Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

In 2013 we reviewed the Alabama Occupational Therapy board rules in our state and profession continuing education series. Deadlines for Alabama OTs and OTAs vary between April 30th and October 31st depending on the date of your license, and with just little over a month left before the April 2015 renewal deadline we thought we'd review the main details from that post!

Occupational therapists seeking license renewal need to submit 30 hours during the biennial renewal period (3.0 CEUs). OT assistants are required to complete 20 hours in the same time frame (2.0 CEUs). The board states that no more than a third of the total hours may be derived from CE courses focused on administrative or management skills, and no more than one third of the total hours may be derived from work related presentations. The majority of the contact hours must be focused on topics directly related to the practice of occupational therapy.

Milestone Occupational Therapy CE Courses:

Milestone Continuing Education is an AOTA Approved Provider (#7487) and offers a variety of CEUs in the course catalog that cover the latest information in your field. All courses are available online in downloadable PDF formats, perfect for on-the-go, and they can also be ordered in bound hard copy form. It's our goal at Milestone to provide a great experience for our therapists by offering affordable CEUs in flexible formats that fit your lifestyle. And don't forget our Share a Course and Referral Program. Visit our website and get started today!

For all of the details, review our 2013 Alabama OT Article or go straight to the source: ASBOT Board Rules PDF


CE Savings for St. Patrick's Day!


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Online Continuing Education for Rehabilitation Therapy Practitioners


CE Courses for Athletic Trainers


National Athletic Training Month NATM2015Are you an early bird (or do you aspire to be one)? Well now is your chance to get off to a great start - at least where your Category A CE courses are concerned! Milestone's athletic trainer catalog is stocked with more than 330 hours of online course content that is ready to equip you for career advancement. For the first official week of Nation Athletic Training Month (#NATM2015) we're encouraging ATs to start on their continuing education early so they can get back to helping athletes perform at their best! Click on the titles for details course descriptions!

Joint Range of Motion in Muscle Length Testing

  • Total Hours: 30 - This course consists of three 10 hour modules starting at $124

Pathology & Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehab

  • Total Hours: 70 - This course consists of seven 10 hour modules starting at $129

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

  • Total Hours: 50 - This course offers modules at 3, 5, 7, and 10 hours starting at $39

Imaging in Rehabilitation

  • Total Hours: 20 - This course offers two 10 hour modules starting at $124

The Athlete's Shoulder

  • Total Hours: 60 - This course offers six 10 hour modules starting at $144


  • Total Hours: 40 - This course offers four 10 hour modules starting at $124

Athletic & Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehab

  • Total Hours: 64 - This course consists of eight modules ranging from 8 to 10 hours, starting at $103

Milestone is a proud Approved Provider (P8382) of continuing education for athletic trainers, and was the BOC's Featured Approved Provider for the Fall 2013 AP Update.