Alabama OT CE Requirements Revisited


Alabama Occupational Therapy Continuing Education Requirements

In 2013 we reviewed the Alabama Occupational Therapy board rules in our state and profession continuing education series. Deadlines for Alabama OTs and OTAs vary between April 30th and October 31st depending on the date of your license, and with just little over a month left before the April 2015 renewal deadline we thought we'd review the main details from that post!   

Occupational therapists seeking license renewal need to submit 30 hours during the biennial renewal period (3.0 CEUs). OT assistants are required to complete 20 hours in the same time frame (2.0 CEUs). The board states that no more than a third of the total hours may be derived from CE courses focused on administrative or management skills, and no more than one third of the total hours may be derived from work related presentations. The majority of the contact hours must be focused on topics directly related to the practice of occupational therapy. 

Milestone Occupational Therapy CE Courses: 

Milestone Continuing Education is an AOTA Approved Provider (#7487) and offers a variety of  CEUs in the course catalog that cover the latest information in your field. All courses are available online in downloadable PDF formats, perfect for on-the-go, and they can also be ordered in bound hard copy form. It's our goal at Milestone to provide a great experience for our therapists by offering affordable CEUs in flexible formats that fit your lifestyle. And don't forget our Share a Course and Referral Program. Visit our website and get started today! 

For all of the details, review our 2013 Alabama OT Article or go straight to the source: ASBOT Board Rules PDF


CE Savings for St. Patrick's Day!


No need to follow a rainbow to a pot of gold... We're bringing you home CEU savings today only - 

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Online Continuing Education for Rehabilitation Therapy Practitioners


CE Courses for Athletic Trainers


National Athletic Training Month NATM2015Are you an early bird (or do you aspire to be one)? Well now is your chance to get off to a great start - at least where your Category A CE courses are concerned! Milestone's athletic trainer catalog is stocked with more than 330 hours of online course content that is ready to equip you for career advancement.  For the first official week of Nation Athletic Training Month (#NATM2015) we're encouraging ATs to start on their continuing education early so they can get back to helping athletes perform at their best! Click on the titles for details course descriptions! 

Joint Range of Motion in Muscle Length Testing

  • Total Hours: 30 - This course consists of three 10 hour modules starting at $124 

Pathology & Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehab 

  • Total Hours: 70 - This course consists of seven 10 hour modules starting at $129

Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

  • Total Hours: 50 - This course offers modules at 3, 5, 7, and 10 hours starting at $39 

Imaging in Rehabilitation 

  • Total Hours: 20 - This course offers two 10 hour modules starting at $124

The Athlete's Shoulder

  • Total Hours: 60 - This course offers six 10 hour modules starting at $144


  • Total Hours: 40 - This course offers four 10 hour modules starting at $124

Athletic & Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehab

  • Total Hours: 64 - This course consists of eight modules ranging from 8 to 10 hours, starting at $103

Milestone is a proud Approved Provider (P8382) of continuing education for athletic trainers, and was the BOC's Featured Approved Provider for the Fall 2013 AP Update.  

Diversifying Your Client Base


Niche Markets for NSCA Certified Personal Trainers and CSCSs

The term “personal trainer” has long been associated with a burly muscled guy yelling “Drop and give me 20!”  While that still holds true, more and more trainers are seeing the benefit of training niches.  Special populations and sporting specialties demand more skill and often yield more money.  Continuing education courses give trainers an excellent avenue to explore niches that increase desirability and bottom lines. 

Consider the following training niches to add a little pizazz to your repertoire:

Seniors - Studies are consistently showing more and more seniors hitting the gym.  Whether they’re looking to get in better shape or are rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, seniors are a hot market right now.  Trainers interested in this population need to be aware of older adult population issues and associated conditions such as arthritis, hypertension and osteoporosis.  Because older adults often have complex medical issues, trainers should consider coordinating with a client’s medical team to design a safe and appropriate exercise program. 

Golfers – Golf continues to be a popular option for working and retired adults alike.  Whether you’re looking to help someone improve a swing or start coaching professionals, you’ll want to learn the game and the biomechanics that go along with standard golf movements.  The heart of the best golf swing lies in core strength and hip rotation.  Check out this course  to get started.   

Injury/Surgery Rehab – Clients finishing up with physical therapy often want to continue their hard work once therapy is completed.  Working with rehab clients often requires a deep understanding of injuries, the healing process and various therapeutic modalities.  Rehab clients need specialized programs to pick up were physical therapy has left off and with gradual progression.  Again, working with the client’s physical therapist or doctor is a good idea to avoid contraindicated movements and to design a safe program.  This course offers great fundamentals about working with biomechanical issues.

Runners – As more and more folks use races as motivations to train, the need for running trainers is increasing.  Running is a specialty requiring knowledge about safely increasing mileage, the best way to train for races and nutrition for optimal recovery.  If you’re already a passionate runner, this is a great bonus to add to your skill set

Pre- and Post Natal Fitness Specialist – Seasoned exercisers know how to work out but the game changes dramatically when there is a pregnancy involved.  Pregnancies can be simple or complex and as a specialist, it’s up to you to keep your client safe.  Liaise with the client’s obstetrician to understand any restrictions and recommendations. 

The best way to find the right niche is to follow your own training.  What types of activities draw you in?  What’s your favorite method of training or sport?  Chances are, if you’re already passionate about a specific activity, that niche is a natural choice for you.


A Letter From the CEO


To our Doctors, Therapists, Trainers and Specialists:

With 2014 behind us, I wanted to personally thank each of you for your continued confidence in choosing Milestone Continuing Education as your CE provider.  On behalf of our entire team, I can tell you that your support and trust in MCE has us inspired and motivated us to make 2015 our best year yet!

In constant pursuit of our Mission Statement, we have always dedicated the first few months of the New Year to focus on course development and expanding board approvals.  In doing so, I'd like to thank each of you for your participation in our course completion surveys.  Your feedback and course recommendations allow us to choose relevant topics that will help advance your professional knowledge, which is the ultimate goal.

I am excited to announce current course development in topics including: Assistive Technologies, Cognitive and Perceptual Rehabilitation, Pain, and Management of Chronic Conditions in the Foot and Lower Leg.

In 2015 we will continue to strive to earn our reputation as a leading provider of continuing education, expanding our course catalog with the latest research available in each field we proudly serve, and keeping excellent customer service at the heart of our business. 

Thank you again for the success that your loyalty has made possible for Milestone Continuing Education.  I hope that you will continue to choose MCE as your CE provider.  I invite you to leave your feedback or contact me directly at  Do you have specific titles you'd like to see added to our course catalog in 2015?  Are you licensed in a state that does not yet accept courses offered by Milestone CE?  I want to hear from you!

With deepest gratitude,

Kellene Pepple, Founder and Chief Executive Officer


New Year's Resolutions for Personal Trainers


Personal Trainer Resolutions

Even though it’s mid-January and many of your clients have long abandoned their resolutions to eat better and work out more, your commitment to your industry and clientele should be revving up.  The New Year can be a new start for personal trainers whether it’s amping up your current client base or taking the leap to train independently.  Here are a few ideas to keep your business fit as a fiddle:

·  Create fun and interesting challenges for clients.  Use your imagination and let motivation be your guide.  In group environments, offer a reward to the client who can do the most push-ups in the next 30 days.  For solo clients, use their own progress to motivate them – encourage them to do one more rep of a compound exercise (like a squat or lunge) every time you meet.  Use a low cost fitness item like a physio ball or pack of resistance bands as the prize.  Or, give away passes to the local movie theater or roller skating rink. 

·  Take an honest look at your long-term clients.  Are you in a rut?  Are you doing the same workouts over and over?  Has progress stalled?  It’s easy to become comfortable with long-term clients and slack a bit.  If you’re slacking, they’re probably slacking too.  Reevaluate goals, set some new ones and start fresh. 

·  If you train independently, are you waiting for the new clients to call you?  Simply putting up a website and waiting for the phone to ring isn’t going to cut it.  Mine your current clients for potential referrals and offer a free session or two if they bring you a new client.  Use internet search technology like Google Adwords to improve your search result ranking (but do not spend thousands of dollars on search engine optimization).  Make contact with local health care professionals like massage therapists, chiropractors and dieticians.  Ask if you can leave business cards or handouts and offer to refer back to them. 

·  When was the last time you got a personal training session or took a group fitness class?  Take off your “trainer” hat and be someone else’s student.  You’ll likely pick up a few tips and tricks along the way.

·  When it’s time to buy materials for your continuing education courses, pick a subject that is completely unfamiliar to you.  It’s easy to gravitate towards comfortable material but learning new subjects is an excellent way to breathe life back into client routines.  Check out the excellent options available from Milestone Continuing Education.

·  Buy a new piece of equipment and learn to use it.  Unfamiliar with kettlebells?  Take a class.  Interested in learning a few Pilates moves?  There are countless videos online.  You may just find a critical component has been missing in your programming.

·  Go digital!  Find a piece of software to maintain client files and ditch the paper.  Many of these software options have methods to make client communication easier.  Use your smartphone or a tablet to keep track of workouts, progress and goals. 

Use some of these ideas to inspire your clients in addition to adding a little more muscle to your bank account.  Business is much like exercise – move it or lose it! 


Athletic Trainer Continuing Education


Online Continuing Education for Athletic Trainers - BOC ApprovedLet's start the "CE Season" off right with savings designed with YOU in mind!

Right now when you purchase 20 hours from Milestone's online or mail order Course Catalog you can receive a FREE 10 hour module of your choice! That's 30 hours for the price of 20! It's pays not to procrastinate. If you're interested in this special limited time offer, please contact: 1-800-709-8820 (toll-free). 

When was the last time you reviewed the Board of Certification's requirements for license renewal? ("Not since last year!" Is that joke getting old yet?). This post will review the basics of the national requirement and provide you with a game plan for success during this year's CE season. Let's get started!

There are essentially 5 different sub-types of athletic trainer continuing education that make up the total requirement of 50 hours. Evidence Based Practice (EBP) programs makes up 10 of the total number of hours. Then there are the 4 Categories: A) BOC Approved Provider Programs (like Milestone Continuing Education, P8382) of which a practitioner can gain up to 40 hours; B) Professional and Scholarly Activities, like speaking at a conference (the hours gained with this category vary by activity) up to 33 hours may be obtained from this category; C) Post Certification College/University Coursework, of which up to 40 CEUs may be gained; D) Non-BOC Approved Programs, like videos and webinars, of which up to 28 hours may be counted towards the overall 50 hour total. The deadline to choose your categories, complete your coursework, and submit your hours is December 31st. 

Here at Milestone we propose a game plan to help simplify your year but keep you at peak professional performance. Start by purchasing your CE courses early. At Milestone you can download your course modules and gain immediate access to your study materials, or revisit them throughout the year it's convenient for you.  As an approved provider, Milestone courses fall under Category A, so you can purchase your 40 hours with a few easy clicks! There's no time like the present. Get started now. 


Happy New Year from Milestone CE!


Continuing Education

Thank you for making 2014 a spectacular year at Milestone Continuing Education! 

We are looking forward to another year of working hard to bring you the best online CE out there. 

Great things are coming in 2015. 

We'll #CEUthere


Massage Therapy CE (Dual State Edition)


Do you ever change popular song lyrics to better suit you life in the moment? Sometimes when I hear a familiar tune, I'll tweak it just a little bit to make it more personalized. For example, (to the tune of 'Deck the Halls') "'Tis the season for CE deadlines, falalalala-lalalala" or (to the tune of Silver Bells) "CEUs... CEUs... It's time to choose all my courses". 

Humorous as it may be, or as I hope it is, there is a pinch of truth in those words. North Carolina and Illinois massage therapy professionals know what I mean. In addition to the normal list of gift shopping, holiday party attending, and workload increase management, continuing education requirements must be completed and submitted so that your mood can stay merry and bright.

ILLINOIS LMT Continuing Ed. Requirements 

Practitioners licensed in the Prairie State must complete 24 hours of continuing education courses during their biennial renewal period, ending this December (and every subsequent December falling on even-numbered years). Two hours out of the total 24 must come from an ethics course(s). Half of the requirement may be satisfied with home study or online CEUs like the ones offered here at  

NORTH CAROLINA LMT Continuing Ed. Requirements

Similarly, Tar Heel State licensees need to complete 24 hours of approved continuing education courses with at least 3 hours of ethics training, and they may complete up to half of the requirement with online CEUs. The board requires that CE courses come from providers that are approved through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and suggests that licensees photocopy their renewal materials to keep in their personal records prior to sending them in for board review. 

Milestone Continuing Education is an approved provider of continuing education for licensed MTs through the NCBTMB and offers the following course titles in both downloadable PDF formatting and mail order (click the links for course descriptions!): 

licensed message therapy continuing education ncbtmb

Our courses are created from the latest information in your field to help propel your career to new heights. Before long you'll be singing, "JOY TO THE WORLD!" or something like that... Getting started is only a phone call or a few clicks away! Talk with a CE Specialist at 1-800-709-8820 or visit us at 


PT Continuing Education (Missouri Edition)


Missouri Physical Therapy Continuing Education CoursesMissouri: the Show Me State; the Cave State; the town of the large canoes... Missouri has a lot of names. Even the name itself has two accepted pronunciations, depending on the region. But no matter where you are inside the borders (which are shared by eight other states, by the way) if you are a licensed physical therapist or PTA it's time to come out of your cave and face your CE deadline. Here's a quick refresher on the requirements (or click the link to double-check the Board Rules for yourself).  

Licensees are required to complete 30 hours of physical therapy continuing education courses by December 31st on even-numbered years. Be prepared for board audits by keeping record of your CE courses (details like the title, activity, course sponsor, hours, etc. are mandatory). Accepted course content will focus on the direct practice of physical therapy, or non-administrative topics. Here's the light at the end of the tunnel part (or in this case, light in the cave): Missourian physical therapy practitioners can complete their entire requirement with online CE courses. 

Currently there are over 1,100 hours of high-impact CEUs available in the PT Course Catalog, with more titles added throughout the year. We pride ourselves in offering courses centered on relevant and practical information concerning your field - you won't find any stale facts here. Select your titles, download your course material onto your iPad, Kindle, or computer, and get started. Once you've completed and passed your online CE exam, you will have immediate access to your PDF Certificate of Completion, which is stored permanently in your Milestone account, along with all of the required course information specified by the board rules. 

Get started today! Contact one of our CE Specialists at 1-800-709-8820 or visit the website at