AT Countdown GirlDecember 31st still seems a good distance away from now, but here are a few calculations to demonstrate how much time there actually is between your deadline and now (the time frames are based on the date and time this post was published). So if you're thinking of waiting one more day to get your athletic trainer CE courses, consider the following. December 31st is approximately:

  • 17 weeks away
  • 125 days away
  • 3,012 hours away
  • 180,734 minutes away
  • 1,084,404...3...2... seconds away
Seems like a good cushion of time, doesn't it? If you're still not convinced you should get your CE courses sooner rather than later, think of it this way: 50 hours of athletic trainer continuing education is equal to 3,000 minutes of actual study time - not including the time it will take to complete the exams. Athletic training continuing education offers endless benefits for developing job skills and enhancing job performance. That's why it's important to leave enough time to really get as much out of your CE courses as possible. They're only going to make you a better AT!

Milestone Continuing Education is proud to be a member of the BOC's Approved Provider Program ( BOC Approved Provider (P8382)). We pride ourselves in offering high quality athletic training CEUs that will positively impact your career performance at an affordable price. Additionally, our CE courses travel friendly, iPad and tablet compatible, available in bound hard copies, and are designed for your success. Learn more about our courses through the following links:

Visit us at our website, chat with a live staff member, or contact us here if you have questions about Milestone's continuing education for athletic trainers. We're always on standby to insure you have the best experience with our CE courses as possible! By the way, if you're curious about the time frame calculations, click over to this countdown website to keep track of your athletic training CEU deadline after this post: