It's that time of year again. Before they can clear the Halloween candy off the shelves, stores are stocking up on tinsel, ornaments, and reindeer figurines. Parking lots and intersections are being adorned with pine needle garlands and red ribbon, and you might as well start untangling your lights now! The onslaught of holiday decor can only mean one thing...the athletic trainer renewal period will be up soon! Where are you on the timeline to completion?

Step One: Adherence to the Standards of Professional Practice

BOC Standards of Practice

Athletic Training professionals are expected to implement the 7 practice standards and 6 codes of professional responsibility into their daily interactions with clients and other professionals in the field. It is important that ATs review the standards and codes upon their license renewal in order to ensure that they are upholding the industry's standards for professional conduct in order to avoid the consequences of failing to comply.

Step Two: Continuous Certification in Emergency Cardiac Care

Emergency Cardiac CareWhile CE hours are not earned in pursuit of this specialization, it is necessary that ATs maintain active ECC certification through their renewal period. The components involved in emergency cardiac care include: adult and pediatric CPR; AED; 2nd rescuer CPR; airway obstruction; and barrier devices (ex. bag valve mask and pocket mask). The BOC provides a list of providers and courses deemed acceptable for renewing ECC certifications.

Step Three: Completion of Continuing Education

BOC Approved CEUs

Start with the BOC's Winter 2013 Featured Approved Provider: Milestone Continuing Education (BOC Approved Provider P8382)! Our course catalog includes hundreds of hours of athletic trainer continuing education courses that deliver the information to develop the skills and techniques you need in a convenient, affordable and mobile package! Download your athletic training CE courses and get on the road to renewal today!

Step Four: Payment of Recertification Fee

BOC Renewal Fees

The final step towards license renewal with the BOC is fee payment. Review the renewal fees on the BOC's website where they are explained in detail. Complete and submit the related forms, and follow the instructions provided. Payment amounts and methods for members and non-members are displayed on the BOC website here. All ATs are required to pay these fees in order to qualify for license renewal.

Where are you on the timeline for completion? Whether you've been working on your CE courses for months, or are just beginning to obtain your hours, Milestone CE is there for you! Contact Us today to learn more about our athletic trainer continuing education!