ATs and CEsI recently saw a video produced by the NATA that labeled athletic trainers the "unsung heroes" of the sports medicine realm. Coming across a proclamation like that caused me to stop and watch it. In its short five minute span, it delves into the diverse role ATs play on and off the field. As a non-athlete, my depth of understanding of what ATs do was rather shallow up to that point. I had only a basic understanding that ATs are medical professionals that dealt with athletes. But now I see that's only the tip of the iceberg where this career is concerned! Here's what I discovered thanks to NATA's educational clip:

  • ATs insure that their clients are receiving top notch care both prior to and after sports related injuries
  • ATs are considered first-responders on the field thanks to their training in triage and diagnostics
  • ATs are able to communicate effectively with sports medicine practitioners like orthopedic surgeons and MDs
  • ATs work with athletes on a daily basis, developing meaningful insight and trust with their clients

After watching the video and considering the reasoning behind its title, I would agree that ATs are unsung heroes in that many people outside of athletic and medical professions don't fully realize all of the areas in sports medicine ATs are equipped to handle. Additionally, as the video points out, ATs are practicing in a vast array of professional arenas outside of the athletic field.

I consider my research into the professions that Milestone serves as my own form of continuing education, and a way to gain personal insight into the CE needs of the individuals that practice in those areas. So how does this all tie in? Simple. Milestone is a BOC approved provider of athletic trainer continuing education, and it is Milestone's mission to produce materials that will facilitate the development of skills that equip ATs with abilities to perform triage, diagnose, rehabilitate, and communicate with other medical professionals. And because of the vast requirements this career encompasses, it is all the more important to offer flexible continuing education courses for athletic trainers.

Milestone's athletic training CEs are online and compatible with your tablet or iPad, so they are able to go where you go. On or off the field, you will have access to your course materials and can take your CE exam as many times as necessary. Providing athletic training continuing education courses is close to our hearts because we understand how stressful completing 50 hours of CE courses can be, in addition to the demands of your career and families. As you encourage the patients you work with, we encourage you to visit our course catalog and experience the convenience and affordability of Milestone athletic trainer continuing education.