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Athletic Trainer CE Timeline


It's that time of year again. Before they can clear the Halloween candy off the shelves, stores are stocking up on tinsel, ornaments, and reindeer figurines. Parking lots and intersections are being adorned with pine needle garlands and red ribbon, and you might as well start untangling your lights now! The onslaught of holiday decor can only mean one thing...the athletic trainer renewal period will be up soon! Where are you on the timeline to completion?

Step One: Adherence to the Standards of Professional Practice

BOC Standards of Practice

Athletic Training professionals are expected to implement the 7 practice standards and 6 codes of professional responsibility into their daily interactions with clients and other professionals in the field. It is important that ATs review the standards and codes upon their license renewal in order to ensure that they are upholding the industry's standards for professional conduct in order to avoid the consequences of failing to comply.

Step Two: Continuous Certification in Emergency Cardiac Care

Emergency Cardiac CareWhile CE hours are not earned in pursuit of this specialization, it is necessary that ATs maintain active ECC certification through their renewal period. The components involved in emergency cardiac care include: adult and pediatric CPR; AED; 2nd rescuer CPR; airway obstruction; and barrier devices (ex. bag valve mask and pocket mask). The BOC provides a list of providers and courses deemed acceptable for renewing ECC certifications.

Step Three: Completion of Continuing Education

BOC Approved CEUs

Start with the BOC's Winter 2013 Featured Approved Provider: Milestone Continuing Education (BOC Approved Provider P8382)! Our course catalog includes hundreds of hours of athletic trainer continuing education courses that deliver the information to develop the skills and techniques you need in a convenient, affordable and mobile package! Download your athletic training CE courses and get on the road to renewal today!

Step Four: Payment of Recertification Fee

BOC Renewal Fees

The final step towards license renewal with the BOC is fee payment. Review the renewal fees on the BOC's website where they are explained in detail. Complete and submit the related forms, and follow the instructions provided. Payment amounts and methods for members and non-members are displayed on the BOC website here. All ATs are required to pay these fees in order to qualify for license renewal.

Where are you on the timeline for completion? Whether you've been working on your CE courses for months, or are just beginning to obtain your hours, Milestone CE is there for you! Contact Us today to learn more about our athletic trainer continuing education!


NEW Athletic Trainer Course Now Available!


We’re at it again! Introducing our latest course “Athletic and Sport Issues in Musculoskeletal Rehab.” This is our newest BOC approved course for athletic trainer continuing education. Go to our course catalog and choose from seven (7) modules that cover topics like “Applied Biomechanics of Cycling, Golfing, Jumping, Tennis and Soccer” (Module: 3) and “Female Athletes, Musculoskeletal Dance Medicine, Athlete’s with Disabilities and Selected Needs of the Master Athlete” (Module: 7).

Weighing in at eight (8) or ten (10) hours, these downloadable courses are the perfect fit for your busy schedule! All you have to do to get started is create a Milestone Account; select your courses; study hard; take your exam and you’re one step closer to completing your 50 hour CE requirement.
See for yourself:

Module 1 (Hours – 8): Preparation and Prevention in Sports Medicine
Online: $118.00 / Mail Format: $144.00

Module 2 (Hours – 10): Environmental Considerations, Drug Testing and Sports Injury Epidemiology
Online: $144.00 / Mail Format: $169.00

Module 3 (Hours – 10): Applied Biomechanics of Cycling, Golfing, Jumping, Tennis and Soccer
Online: $144.00 / Mail Format: $169.00

Module 4 (Hours – 10): The Biomechanics of Running, Swimming, Baseball Pitching and Common Weight Training Exercises
Online: $144.00 / Mail Format: $169.00

Module 5 (Hours – 10): Medical Conditions, Dermatologic Considerations, Protective Equipment and Evidence Based Research of Taping in Sports Medicine
Online: $144.00 / Mail Format: $169.00

Module 6 (Hours – 8): Concussions, Traumatic Injuries to the Cervical Spine, Maxillofacial Injuries, Abdominal and Thoracic Injuries
Online: $118.00 / Mail Format: $144.00

Module 7 (Hours – 8): Female Athletes, Musculoskeletal Dance Medicine, Athlete’s with Disabilities and Selected Needs of the Master Athlete
Online: $118.00 / Mail Format: $144.00

BOC AP logoProviding athletic trainers with top quality CE courses is our business. We only select course material for our athletic trainer continuing education with the most recent studies and research to better equip ATs with the skills and knowledge that will advance their career performance. Milestone is a BOC Approved Provider. To find out more about what that means, please visit the Board of Certification website, or check out our AT Continuing Education article.


AT Continuing Education Calculations


AT Countdown GirlDecember 31st still seems a good distance away from now, but here are a few calculations to demonstrate how much time there actually is between your deadline and now (the time frames are based on the date and time this post was published). So if you're thinking of waiting one more day to get your athletic trainer CE courses, consider the following. December 31st is approximately:

  • 17 weeks away
  • 125 days away
  • 3,012 hours away
  • 180,734 minutes away
  • 1,084,404...3...2... seconds away
Seems like a good cushion of time, doesn't it? If you're still not convinced you should get your CE courses sooner rather than later, think of it this way: 50 hours of athletic trainer continuing education is equal to 3,000 minutes of actual study time - not including the time it will take to complete the exams. Athletic training continuing education offers endless benefits for developing job skills and enhancing job performance. That's why it's important to leave enough time to really get as much out of your CE courses as possible. They're only going to make you a better AT!

Milestone Continuing Education is proud to be a member of the BOC's Approved Provider Program ( BOC Approved Provider (P8382)). We pride ourselves in offering high quality athletic training CEUs that will positively impact your career performance at an affordable price. Additionally, our CE courses travel friendly, iPad and tablet compatible, available in bound hard copies, and are designed for your success. Learn more about our courses through the following links:

Visit us at our website, chat with a live staff member, or contact us here if you have questions about Milestone's continuing education for athletic trainers. We're always on standby to insure you have the best experience with our CE courses as possible! By the way, if you're curious about the time frame calculations, click over to this countdown website to keep track of your athletic training CEU deadline after this post:


Athletic Trainer Crossword!

Directions: Read the clues and fit the keywords into the puzzle. Good luck! (Answers will be posted on Facebook!)


AT Crossword


1. Healthcare professional that works with doctors to prevent, diagnose, and treat sports-related injuries and conditions

2. Area of medicine that deals with the treatment of illness or injury that results from sports activities

3. This organization assesses and decides on the standards for continuing education and the practice of athletic training

5. Ouch! These sometimes occur in sports

7. CEUs from Milestone will help ATs renew this

8. Continuing Education Units that are on the Internet

9. All ATs must complete 50 hours of this in order to renew their license


1. Milestone is authorized to offer Athletic Trainer CEUs

4. Another term for “sports”

6. Your source for Athletic Training continuing education courses


AT Continuing Education Countdown!


AT CountdownATs! Only 176 days remain until the deadline: 12/31/2013. If you still have 50 hours left to complete, and don't know where to turn, check out MCE! Complete all fifty (50) hours of continuing education with one purchase with Milestone Continuing Education, a BOC Approved Provider (P8382) that is nationally recognized for Athletic Training CEUs!

With over 250 hours of AT continuing education titles to choose from, Milestone CE's Course Catalog offers comprehensive, cutting-edge athletic training CEU courses that incorporate both clinical relevance as well as practical skills for daily administrative functioning. Courses are available in hardcopy format, as well as online in PDF form, which can be downloaded and printed, or viewed on your tablet of choice (iPads, eReaders, you name it!). And have we mentioned they're BOC approved?

Besides offering top-notch BOC approved CE courses, we are focused on delivering incomparable customer service. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are available to answer your athletic training CEU questions 365 days a year. Call, e-mail or live chat with us on our site. Don't wait! 176 may seem like a lot of time, but it's already ticking away!


Athletic Trainer Continuing Education


AT CE Requirement

Athletic Trainers (ATs): Your current deadline is 12/31/2013 to complete your CE requirement. In order to qualify for certification renewal under the Board of Certification for Athletic Trainers (BOC), you must complete fifty (50) hours of continuing education. Milestone Continuing Education is a BOC Approved Provider (P8382) and is nationally recognized for Athletic Training CEUs.

Explore the Milestone Course Catalog and review over 250 hours of AT continuing education titles including (but not limited to): Orthopaedic Physical Therapy, Joint Range of Motion and Muscle Length Testing, Pathology and Intervention in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Imaging in Rehabilitation, The Athlete's Shoulder, and Pharmacology.

While it may seem disruptive to your daily life, continuing education (CE) is meant to maintain and improve competency by developing current knowledge and skills, and enhancing judgment in your professional arena beyond what is required for entry-level practice. Therefore, athletic trainer continuing education units (CEUs) hone in on the skills and abilities directly linked to the practice of athletic training to help you perform at your maximum efficiency. It is of utmost importance that ATs keep up with the ever evolving information and practices related to their field. That is where CE requirements come in. CEUs are designed to help the AT to:

• Be aware of the cutting edge practices in the athletic training realm

• Develop professionally with the for improved work performance

• Enhance their overall knowledge by exploring specific areas of content

• Master training skills and techniques new to athletic training

• Add to their arsenal of effective training approaches

• Develop their overall professional judgment

The December 31, 2013 deadline will be here in the blink of an eye, so it’s imperative to choose a BOC Approved Provider that will deliver athletic training CEUs to help you achieve your best. Milestone CE is quickly becoming a leader in the continuing education industry, and has developed course work using a medium that takes the hassle out of continuing education (online home study). With one purchase, athletic trainers can complete their BOC requirement with Milestone CE in its entirety, and remove the hassle and expense of attending live seminars!

Milestone CE recognizes that the intention of continuing education is to increase professional competency, and offers only cutting edge course information to make sure each CEU is clinically relevant for every AT. Part of maintaining our approval as a BOC Approved Provider are frequent reviews of the CE guidelines established by the BOC to ensure that we are meeting our requirements. Every course offered by Milestone Continuing Education is granted Category A approval.

The Milestone CE team knows that as athletic trainers, you have to keep up with the latest research in order to fulfill your professional goals. Our team also knows how difficult (and not to mention, expensive) it can be to obtain your continuing education credits by attending live seminars. The desire to help athletic training professionals, as well as rehab professionals, balance family responsibilities and work obligations with ease is what led us to create our continuing education resources that allow you the opportunity to grow your professional knowledge in the least “life-disrupting” way! Instead of traveling, simply download your MCE course, and get on your way to renewing your license!

We are always searching for opportunities to add to our course catalog. Our ultimate goal is to become the number one resource for athletic training continuing education. With our user-friendly website, you are allowed instant access to all Milestone CEU course goals and objectives, as well as course materials and our online exams. Every course is designed around an open book exam, which allows you to optimize your chances of passing this first time as you can review the course materials while you answer each multiple choice question. When you have answered all of the questions, your exam is immediately graded. You are shown your test results as well as any questions that were answered incorrectly (if applicable). If you achieved a score of 70% or higher, your printable or e-mail ready certificate of completion will appear in your customer account, where it is stored for your convenience, should you ever need to access it at another time.

Besides offering top-notch BOC approved CE courses, we are focused on delivering incomparable customer service. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer your athletic training CEU questions 7 days a week. Call, e-mail or live chat with us on our site. What are you waiting for? The deadline is coming!


NATA 64th Annual Convention


NATA Conference

As you might know, this year's National Athletic Trainer's Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia will be held on June 24th - 27th in Las Vegas. Convention goers can expect to encounter panels covering important topics in the field, and they will also have access to cutting-edge training services and supplies in the nation's biggest athletic trainer trade show. And did we mention it's in LAS VEGAS? Talk about career and live social networking opportunities!

But what if you can't go this year? Don't cry yourself to sleep tonight, because Milestone has come to your rescue! Our athletic trainer continuing education offers you the opportunity to complete your 50 hour requirement with BOC approved CE courses for significantly less money than attending the NATA conference. Compatible with your computer, iPad, or eReader of your choice, our downloadable and printable CE courses go where you go at one price! No transportation expenses, no hotel fees, and no registration. Simply browse our course catalog, select your athletic training CEU options, purchase and you're on your way to fulfilling your requirements.

Okay, so we don't have the flashing lights, the casino games, and the "what happens in Vegas" slogan, but we guarantee Milestone is safe bet for your continuing education courses!


Athletic Trainers: 'Unsung Heroes?'


ATs and CEsI recently saw a video produced by the NATA that labeled athletic trainers the "unsung heroes" of the sports medicine realm. Coming across a proclamation like that caused me to stop and watch it. In its short five minute span, it delves into the diverse role ATs play on and off the field. As a non-athlete, my depth of understanding of what ATs do was rather shallow up to that point. I had only a basic understanding that ATs are medical professionals that dealt with athletes. But now I see that's only the tip of the iceberg where this career is concerned! Here's what I discovered thanks to NATA's educational clip:

  • ATs insure that their clients are receiving top notch care both prior to and after sports related injuries
  • ATs are considered first-responders on the field thanks to their training in triage and diagnostics
  • ATs are able to communicate effectively with sports medicine practitioners like orthopedic surgeons and MDs
  • ATs work with athletes on a daily basis, developing meaningful insight and trust with their clients

After watching the video and considering the reasoning behind its title, I would agree that ATs are unsung heroes in that many people outside of athletic and medical professions don't fully realize all of the areas in sports medicine ATs are equipped to handle. Additionally, as the video points out, ATs are practicing in a vast array of professional arenas outside of the athletic field.

I consider my research into the professions that Milestone serves as my own form of continuing education, and a way to gain personal insight into the CE needs of the individuals that practice in those areas. So how does this all tie in? Simple. Milestone is a BOC approved provider of athletic trainer continuing education, and it is Milestone's mission to produce materials that will facilitate the development of skills that equip ATs with abilities to perform triage, diagnose, rehabilitate, and communicate with other medical professionals. And because of the vast requirements this career encompasses, it is all the more important to offer flexible continuing education courses for athletic trainers.

Milestone's athletic training CEs are online and compatible with your tablet or iPad, so they are able to go where you go. On or off the field, you will have access to your course materials and can take your CE exam as many times as necessary. Providing athletic training continuing education courses is close to our hearts because we understand how stressful completing 50 hours of CE courses can be, in addition to the demands of your career and families. As you encourage the patients you work with, we encourage you to visit our course catalog and experience the convenience and affordability of Milestone athletic trainer continuing education.


Get On Your Mark, ATs!


AT Starting Line

Lace up those New Balances, ATs, because you only have until December 31, 2013 to complete your 50 hour continuing education requirement! Continue reading to find out how Milestone can help keep you on your A-game…

Milestone athletic trainer CEUs are designed to get you to the credit requirement finish line with ease. Review our course catalog with detailed overviews and objectives, and create a custom course bundle that covers all of your bases (if you want to know more about how our courses work, go to our previous blog post). All courses are available on your iPad, eBook, tablet, computer, or by mail so you can get your CEUs on or off the field.

If you like to pace yourself and treat your athletic training continuing education requirements like a marathon, you should know that Milestone CE courses are conveniently accessible on your personal profile for up to a year from the date of purchase (click here to learn more about setting up your Milestone account). But say you prefer to blast through your CEU credits like a sprinter in the 100 meter dash. Milestone AT courses are immediately downloadable after purchase, the exams are graded instantly, and your certificate of completion is printable on the spot.

We understand that as an athletic trainer your goal is to effectively identify, prevent, rehab and treat your patients injuries to the best of your abilities. We pride ourselves in offering online continuing education for athletic trainers with the most up to date information available, at affordable pricing.

Our team is always here to help you every step of the way. For questions about our courses, or for assistance in mapping out your continuing education game plan, go to our website for a live chat session, e-mail us, or contact us toll free at 1-800-709-8820 and our customer service representatives will be there to assist you.


Why Choose Milestone Continuing Education?

It goes without saying that there are hundreds (literally hundreds!) of options available to professionals across the United States who need to complete their continuing education requirements for their individual license renewal. So, why should you choose courses offered by Milestone Continuing Education?

Why Choose Milestone Continuing Education

Milestone CE is quickly becoming a leading provider of continuing education offering CE’s to Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers, and Chiropractors. In addition to these professions, we are also currently seeking recognition as an NCBTMB Approved Provider for Massage Therapist. Milestone CE is Nationally recognized as a BOC Approved Provider (P8382), AOTA Approved Provider (7487) and PACE Approved Provider and numerous individual state boards have recognized courses offered by Milestone Continuing Education as acceptable forms of continuing education.

Part of our mission as a CE Provider is to never become complacent with our CE program. We are continuously looking to add to our course catalog as well as expand to new professions. We value our customer’s feedback and often use this insight as part of our growth and development. For every customer (our 'first timers' or our return customers (welcome back!)) we want you to know that your customer experience is important to us!

Here are just a couple of key features that we’ve found necessary to create the ultimate continuing education experience:

1. User – Friendly Interface: We are proud to announce that we have recently launched a brand new website that was designed with an emphasis on user friendliness.

2. Convenient without Sacrificing Quality: The purpose of continuing education is to promote continued competence, development of current knowledge and skills and enhancement of professional skills and judgment beyond the levels required for entry-level practice.

Course selection and development at Milestone CE focuses on increasing knowledge, skills and the professional abilities of our customers through a medium that allows educational growth in the most convenient method.

3. Affordable: While we never want to ‘chase a price’ we do understand that to offer an excellent overall user experience, the affordability of our product is important to our customers. Therefore, we take this aspect into great consideration when developing our courses.

By offering customers a home study self-paced course we are able to save both time and money. For example we’ve found a few live seminar courses that would require travel (average airline ticket is $375), book a hotel room for a minimum of 2 nights (average prices for a nice hotel in the United States start at $90 to $150 per night) and of course the cost for the course (16 hours of continuing education - $425). With one purchase (that’s one credit card transaction with Milestone Continuing Education) customers can complete 20 contact hours of continuing education for $254, while never having to take time away from family or work.

As a customer of Milestone CE your entire customer experience can really be summed up to 3 very easy steps:

Step 1: Read the Material -->Step 2: Grade Your Exam --> Step 3: Print your Certificate

We want you to be confident in choosing Milestone Continuing Education as your CE Provider. Our phone lines are open 365 days of the year and our CE Specialist are available to answer any questions you may have. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back – no questions asked. We can offer this confidently knowing that we will go the extra mile for every customer.

If you are new to Milestone Continuing Education and would like to speak to a Customer Service Representative we invite you to call our office today at 1-800-709-8820. For existing customers we would love to hear your story, please click here to tell us about your CE experience.

California Approval Agency Pace Approved Provider BOC Approved Provider

AOTA Approved Provider

What our customers are saying...

“Loved it and I will be back next yr!” Texas, OT

“Was very educational and able to still enjoy my day in the comfort of my home.” Texas, OT

“I loved it! The reading flowed well and I was able to learn as I could fit it into my schedule. A great way to obtain CE hours!!! Thank you.” Virginia, PT

“Good, easy to use website. Great for putting the course on my iPad to take anywhere and read.” Virginia, PT

“Website is simple and easy to use.” Alabama, Athletic Trainer

“It was concise and to the point which I liked. I also liked having the manual at home which will help in the future as a reference guide with some of the evaluation techniques.” Michigan, PT

“Great information presented in a very precise and organized way that made comprehension of the information easy and retainable.” South Carolina, PT