It's that time of year again. The stores are filling up school supplies and fall decor, signaling an impending change of seasons. But before summer slips away until next year, there are a few things Delaware and Montana massage therapists have to do. This post will cover the basic CE requirements for massage therapists up for license renewal in these states, but always be sure to reference the state board's website for updates and changes to the requirement.

Let's start with Montana. Licensees here can choose their CEU credits from any provider as long as the continuing education program offers courses that pertain directly to the practice of massage therapy, business administration, or ethics aspects of the field. Continuing education activities from other professional groups or academic disciplines may also be accepted for CE credits by the board if the practitioner can prove that the activity is related to their as a massage therapist.

The renewal period, established back in 2012, ends on August 31st. By that time practitioners are expected to have completed and submitted 12 hours of continuing ed. and submit an "attestation" confirming the completion of the full requirement. It is advised that the practitioner keep track of their records for up to 3 years before discarding them because the board periodically conducts random audits on 2-5% of licensees throughout that time.

Delaware has similar requirements for LMTs, but there are a few key differences. Licensees in this state will need to have completed 24 hours of approved CE by August 31st (the renewal period is biennial - always ending on August 31st of even-numbered years). However unlike in Montana, the total requirement is broken down into specifications: 18 hours of the total 24 hours must come from "core" courses, whose content pertains directly to the practice of massage therapy. The remaining 6 hours are elective, which means the course content may discuss topics outside of the practice of massage therapy and bodywork.

As for choosing a CE provider, practitioners in Delaware have to either select a board-approved company, choose a CE company approved through the NCBTMB, AMTA, or ABMP, then the courses offered do not have to be directly approved through the board. Be careful when selecting course formats, as the board specifies that only 15 hours may be taken from online course providers (all 6 hours from the elective group and up to 9 from the core group).

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