MCE Course Structure 1

Tell me in the comments below if this sounds familiar to you: I attended community college for 2 years before plunging into campus life at a major university. I went from being in classes that were shockingly similar to high school, to being amongst tens of thousands of other students! Since I was there to focus on my major (history) my class selection was limited.

Unlike my previous experience with getting my AA in Liberal Arts, and having an almost endless list of class options, I had to choose from the courses in the humanities department that survived the budget cuts to live another semester. During those next 2 years while pursuing my BA, there was more than one occasion during “Drop/Add” week where I found myself sitting in a class I expected to be about something totally different than what the instructor was reading off of the syllabus. Has that ever happened to you?

I don’t know about you but when it comes to my education, I don’t like surprises. And back then I liked even less trying to figure out how I ended up in a class I thought was about Europe in World War 1 that actually ended up being an overview of American Naval history. Now let’s get to the point. At Milestone, the only way our CEU courses will surprise you is by how straight forward, well organized and informative they are. This post will walk you through the general structure of our online CEUs. The goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of how Milestone’s continuing education courses are put together so there are no surprises, except good kind!

Each Milestone Continuing Education home study course starts off with a list of instructions that lead you through the module step by step. Don’t miss out on reading the instructions. They might seem trivial, but the tips and suggestions they offer could help you avoid having to retake the exam to get a passing score.

Next come the “Course Goals and Objectives.” This is where light is shed on all aspects of the continuing education credits you’ve selected. Laid out for you in this section is the purpose of the course, and exactly what you can expect to learn. No surprises here! By the way, you can read through the goals and objectives for any of Milestone's continuing ed. courses before you purchase them by going to the course catalog, selecting your state and profession, and clicking on the module titles. If you want a walk through on how to establish your Milestone CE account, click here to read the last post.

If you’ve read through the material up to this point, you should be primed and ready to begin your Milestone home CEU. Following the previous two sections are pages of written explanation, paired with detailed diagrams and pictorial examples, all organized into logical sections to help build a thorough understanding of the topic you’ve chosen to study.

MCE Course Structure 2

The last area of note for MCE course structure is (drumroll) the exam. The exam is a multiple choice format. As part of the course design, you can identify the answers to the exam questions as you work your way through the material. Think of it as the ultimate study guide. Once you have purchased and downloaded a Milestone CE course, feel free to print out any (or all) of the material, particularly the exam questions. Once you feel prepared, log in to your account and click “Take Exam.” Your score is graded immediately (one more surprise factor, eliminated!) so you know whether you’ve captured that 70% or higher, or maybe need to revisit a few sections on the exam study guide. Upon passing the exam, you will also have immediate access to your certificate of completion (which is kept in your Milestone account under “CEU History”).

Ultimately, the way you approach Milestone Continuing Education courses is totally up to you! The beauty of our online home study courses is that they are designed to be truly self-paced and comprehensive with no hidden surprises in the text, or left field questions on the exam. We hope this has been helpful for you, and as always if you have additional questions or concerns related to your Milestone CEUs, feel free to contact our office or go to our website for e-mail or a live chat session.