MCE Exams

So you’ve created your Milestone account, selected your CEU credits, and reviewed the course structure. Now what? It’s time for exam preparation. I’ve personally never enjoyed taking tests, (test anxiety, anyone?), however I might have been able to get over my fear sooner if all of my college tests were set up like Milestone’s exams. In the previous post, we covered the "no surprises" aspect of Milestone’s course structure. Milestone home study CEU exams are no different. The test questions are derived directly from the course material, so you can rest assured that there are no maniacal professors behind the scenes here! Continue reading for an overview of Milestone online CE exam structure with some helpful home study test prep strategies.

Exam Structure Overview:

All exams, regardless of what home CEU format you choose, (hardcopy or electronic) are taken online at Once you feel prepared, log into your account and select “Take Exam” next to the related MCE course title (if you’d like a more in depth overview of how Milestone accounts work, click here to read the corresponding blog post). Upon clicking the pencil and paper icon, the exam will be immediately opened for you. The exams are not timed, but after an extended period of inactivity the test will timeout, you will lose your answers and be logged out of your account for safety measures.

What You Need To Know:

· You may take the exam as many times as you need to (just scroll down and click “Retake”)

· The exam is graded immediately after you click “Submit”

· The incorrectly answered questions are listed for you after each submission

· The exam questions never change

· You need a score of 70% or higher to pass

When you download your Milestone continuing education courses (or at the back of your paper copies) you will find a list of Post Exam questions. I'll tell you a little secret: these are the same questions that you will see on the exam. Now for some helpful home CEU tips. If you have chosen the online CE format, print out the Post Exam questions before you begin working through the course. As you read through material, mark the answers to the questions as you find them. As you identify the answers for the online CE exam, note the page number where you found the answer in case you should have to reference that topic again. When the post exam questions are answered correctly, sign into your Milestone account, open the exam, and fill in the answers.

After you have achieved a passing score, you will be able to print out your Certificate of Completion. But first, you will take a short survey that gives you a chance to evaluate your chosen Milestone CEU (it’s only 8 short questions – your feedback matters to us!). Next, simply click the link to download your certificate, and you’re done.

Congratulations! Your CEU credits have been obtained, and you may now return to life as you know it. Keep in mind, you can always go back and reprint your certificate. Just sign in to your MCE account and look under the title “CEU History.” And we’re always here to assist you at our toll free number, by e-mail and live-chat! Click Contact Us for more information on how to reach us. Happy studying!