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Motivating Your Clients


Motivating Clients for Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists

You will never get people to reach their potential until they are motivated to do so. Everyone knows that motivation has peaks and valleys. However, it is your responsibility to stimulate motivation in patients/clients, so they can reach their desired goal.

The main way to do this is to ASK each patient/client what goal he (or she) has in mind. Then explain exactly how that goal can be reached.

Patients/clients who have suffered a life changing injury, may have to go through the stages of grief before accepting a hard fact…such as they will never walk again. If the goal is totally unreasonable, tactfully direct the person to a realistic goal. For example: if a person with a severed spinal cord says, “My goal is to walk my daughter down the aisle at her wedding next month.” I suggest you tactfully tell him that it is not a realistic goal. But offer an option that IS doable. Something like, “Let’s concentrate on building up your strength so you will be able to attend the wedding and the reception.”

Remember what the patient/client wants and make sure goals meet the SMART criteria. A SMART goal is:

  • Specific
  • Measurable (you will be able to walk X number of feet)
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timed (by July you will be…)

Written goals are more concrete; they motivate people. The person can see exactly where he (or she) is going. I’ve had success motivating people by telling stories or showing them pictures of other s who have overcome the same obstacles…or worse. It is hard for a person to wallow in self- pity because of an arm injury after hearing about a soldier who lost both of his arms in an active combat scenario. And when they learn that the ex-soldier now shovels the snow off his walk…it blows away excuses for NOT doing more. A person can hardly feel sorry for himself after hearing something like that. The person learns that no one is hopeless.

One patient became despondent after his leg was mangled. He wasn’t even trying to improve. I brought in a journal article that included a before and after picture of someone who had an even worse injury. He said, “You mean my leg can actually look almost normal and move again?” Whenever a person learns that something is possible, he (or she) is more likely to work towards a goal that seemed impossible before.

When I worked in one Rehabilitation Hospital, most of my patients were quadriplegics, paraplegics, and hemiplegics. The doctors and therapists asked our “old” patients to come back to talk to the newly traumatized ones. It gave encouragement to the newly injured. The newbies asked the “old pros” things they would never ask a professional. Issues like: catheters, bowel function, and sex were discussed candidly. Seeing people who were working, going to college, dating, and raising families while in a wheelchair, inspired them. It motivated them to do more than they had been doing. It gave them new hope. Even if life would never be “normal” again…they understood that life was still worth living. Eventually, they developed a new normal.

That’s where you come in. Show the patients/ clients what their new normal will look like. Then show them how to achieve it. Motivate people by showing them what they will get from all their hard work. Nothing is more frustrating than failing at something when you are trying your best. Yet that is exactly what happens when someone is recovering. So encourage people to keep trying. Be sure to break the goals down into manageable tasks and praise all efforts. It will be your job to routinely review the goals and the progress. Remind people they can reach their goals IF they continue to work at it. Then do your best to keep your patient/client moving forward.


Chiropractic CE Requirements in Montana


License Renewal Requirements:

Montana Chiropractor Continuing Education Courses OnlineMontana D.C.s are required to complete the renewal form and submit the fee to the board every two years on penalty of license termination. The deadline for submitting all of the required documents and payment is September 1st, annually. You can receive a new license by following the instructions listed here, as long as you are within 3 years of the date of termination. If you have been inactive in your practice for over three years, then you must reapply using these instructions.

Continuing Education:

In addition to submitting the payment and renewal form, chiropractors licensed in Montana must also include proof of completion of thirteen (13) hours of continuing education. Per board requirements, only two (2) hours may come from course content that focuses on practice management or philosophy. One (1) hour of the total must be from course content focused on ethics or professional boundaries. Outside of the previously mentioned requirements, the remaining hours of the total must come from courses focused on the practice of chiropractics. The board notes that no credits can transfer over to the following renewal period. Random audits (on 10% of licensees) are conducted each renewal period and three (3) month extensions are allowed for practitioners who fail to meet requirements because of an audit.

Approved Forms of CE:

According to the board, D.C.s can obtain their credits from seminars, conferences, board meetings, and online sources like Milestone Continuing Education as long as the provider is approved through a state, regional, or national organization/association, or a state college or university (check the necessary continuing ed. credentials here). Milestone is a PACE recognized provider of online continuing ed. for chiropractors and currently offers over 400 hours of course content focused on the practice of chiropractic medicine. Explore titles like "Musculoskeletal MRI," "Movement System Impairment Syndromes," and "Whiplash" in the Course Catalog and get started today!

If you have questions about our chiropractic continuing education program, please visit our FAQ Section, e-mail ( or call and talk with a friendly representative at 1-800-709-8820 who will help you get on the road to license renewal the easy, convenient and affordable way. But don't wait, your deadline is only 46 days away!


Chiropractic Continuing Ed. (Vermont Edition)


Vermont Chiropractic Continuing EducationDon't get yourself into a sticky situation with your CE requirement! Save time and avoid travel expenses by opting for online or mail order chiropractic CEUs from Milestone Continuing Education. MCE has been a P.A.C.E. Approved Provider by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards since 2012 and currently offers over 400 hours of course titles at competitive prices - that's a sweet deal! (See what I did there? Sticky situation... Sweet deals... Vermont maple syrup... No? Okay, on to the article!)

Today's post is a Chiropractic CE review for D.C.s licensed in the Green Mountain State! If you're interested in delving deeper into the world of laws, regulations and chiropractic license renewal, visit the Vermont Department of Health & Safety's Consumer Affairs website, and navigate your way to the rules and regulations for chiropractors (or you can just click this link to be taken directly to the rules - CE overview begins on Page 9!).

Chiropractic licenses expire every two years in this state and within that biennial renewal period D.C.s must complete 30 hours of chiropractic continuing education credits. If more than 30 hours are obtained inside one biennial renewal period, only a maximum of 7 credit hours may be transferred over to the following renewal period. The board rules equate 50 clock minutes to one hour of continuing education. Acceptable CE may come from university and college courses (post-doctoral level only), professional publications, presentations, seminars, conferences, as well as distance learning resources like online CEUs. When choosing CEU course titles, be sure that the content primarily deals with the practice of chiropractic medicine.

To clarify a previously mentioned rule, chiropractors in Vermont are allowed to complete the entire 30 hour CE requirement online if they prefer that format for their continuing education credits. Milestone offers over 400 hours to choose from, with course content derived from the latest edition textbooks available focusing on topics related to the practice of chiropractic medicine. Additionally, Milestone is a "P.A.C.E." - Provider of Approved Continuing Education by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards, ensuring board acceptance of all Milestone titles towards license renewal for chiropractors in Vermont.

Learn more about Milestone Continuing Education CE courses, visit our Course Catalog which is updated throughout the year to provide our practitioners with a variety of titles to choose from. Visit our website, read our mission statement, or chat with a CE Specialist toll-free at 1-800-709-8820 or via live chat on the website (standard business hours for live chat: 9a.m. - 5p.m. EST) -


Minnesota Chiropractic CEUs


As the CE rules have recently been updated in this state, a little refresher on the chiropractic continuing education requirement is in order! In this post we'll cover the specifics in a straight forward, clear and objective manner - no legalese here. Just continue reading for a review of the Minnesota chiropractic CE requirement...

Chiropractors licensed in Minnesota have an annual renewal period. The deadlineis December 31st. Over the course of the year, practitioners must complete 20 hours of chiropractic continuing education in order to qualify for renewal. Outside of the following 6 hours which must come from specific course materials (listed below), the remaining hours may come from course titles that best suit the practitioner's professional needs and interests. The following hours must come from specific subject material according to the board:

Minnesota Chiropractic Continuing Education CEUs

  • Three (3) hours must in X-Ray or imaging related subjects (like MCE's "Musculoskeletal MRI")
  • Two (2) hours in acupuncture/meridian therapy (if previously certified for these treatments)
  • One (1) hour in professional boundaries

Chiropractors in MN have the option of completing all 20 hours via online or "home study" resources. This gives the practitioner complete control between choosing self-paced CE or chiropractic continuing education seminars. While networking with colleagues at conventions held in exciting locations like Las Vegas may seem appealing, it doesn't soften the financial blow of convention registration fees, and travel and boarding costs. Save yourself time and money, avoid spending long hours in a hotel conference room, and complete your hours from the comfort of home with Milestone Chiropractic CEUs.

Minnesota defines appropriate chiropractic continuing education as either being directly approved by the board, or being approved by a CE Sponsor, such as the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. Companies, like Milestone CE, can become registered as PACE: "Providers of Approved Continuing Education" if their courses meet the rigorous standards set forth by this national organization. Minnesota accepts PACE companies and the continuing education courses they offer to licensed chiropractors, so licensees up for renewal can rest assured that their credits will be counted without any issues. How comforting is that?

If you have questions that were not answered here, feel free to call and speak with a CE Specialist toll-free at 1-800-709-8820 or e-mail your questions and comments to


Iowa Chiropractic CE at Milestone



Per the staff at the Iowa Chiropractic Board, practitioners licensed in the state may complete their ENTIRE 60 HOUR REQUIREMENT online during this renewal period only! The board rules do not reflect this information as they are in the process of being updated. Please contact the Iowa board at 515-281-4287 if you are curious about this rule or would like additional information.

In our previous Chiropractic CE post, we introduced our current Course List totaling over 400 hours of online continuing education perfectly suited to fit into your busy schedule. Now you can complete your entire requirement with one easy purchase! Choose from individual modules for a variety of study topics, or purchase a course bundle pack for a discounted price! The choice is up to you, and it doesn't end there. Select your preferred format - online or mail - and get started on your 60 hour requirement today. The deadline is June 30th and it will be here before you know it.

Chiropractic Continuing Education at Milestone CEAfter you've purchased your CE course titles you're almost ready to get started. All of Milestone's chiropractic continuing education courses are in downloadable PDF formats so that once the download process is complete, you do not need an internet connection to access your course materials. Download your CE units to your iPad, Kindle, or laptop and take them with you on the go. You can also print out the entire course module. After you've completed your studies, log-in to your Milestone account, select the exam you want to take and upon passing, your certificate of completion will automatically appear in your account. This is also a PDF document that can be printed or e-mailed to your board, and it is permanently stored in your Milestone account where you can access it over and over again (as many times as you may need to)!

When you opt for CE from a PACE Approved Provider like Milestone Continuing Education, you are guaranteed that the courses you're choosing are developed from the most recent information available in your field, which prepares you for propulsion into a more impactful practice! Additionally, your questions regarding the content, format, and anything else regarding your CE course from Milestone will be answered by simply calling our toll-free customer service number 1-800-709-8820, or by e-mailing your questions to

We encourage all of our practitioners to keep your eyes on your state board rules as they are frequently updated with no warning. For Iowa Chiropractors, your board rules are scheduled to change on July 1, 2014, so be sure to contact the board at the number listed above, or visit the website to review your updated requirements.


Online Chiropractic CE for You


PACE Approved Provider Milestone Continuing Education is proud to offer over 400 hours of Chiropractic CE! Visit the Course Catalog or click on the course title links to review the professional goals and objectives for each CE course.

Chiropractic CE at Milestone Continuing EducationWe've eliminated the expense and hassle of traveling to conferences and seminars by creating relevant courses that allow practitioners to remain up to date on the latest research and techniques available in their field, while maintaining professional and personal responsibilities. Once your title is selected and purchased, simply download it to your preferred device (computer, Nook, Kindle, or iPad) and get on your way to completing your CE requirement.

When you've completed your studies, sign into your account, take your exam as many times as you need to, achieve a passing score, and your certificate of completion will automatically appear in your account where it is permanently stored for your convenience.

Get started today by contacting a CE Specialist at 1-800-709-8820 or visit our secure website at


Hollywood Shines on Chiropractic Care


CE for Chiros

In a recent article published by Fox News (originally published in Details Magazine), writer Liz Miersch highlights the recent flurry of stars that have sought out chiropractors in Hollywood. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian were mentioned along with nameless CEOs and executives who are now turning to the profession for more than readjustments. Miersch grazes the tip of the iceberg when she notes that in addition to the typical public idea of the field, (reducing back pain and muscular soreness), chiropractic treatment can actually increase the feeling of "well-being" and decrease internal stress without pharmaceuticals intervention.

Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier that the title of the article is "The truth about chiropractors." And while Miersch notes that the profession has received plenty of criticism over the decades, I'd like to illuminate the fact that chiropractors serve their communities the same way that other trained medical professionals do. Chiropractors undergo comprehensive training during their education, and in addition to the rigors of passing their board exams, they are required complete anywhere from thirteen (13) to fifty (50) continuing education credits annually depending on their state of licensure (unless you practice in Alaska...).

As a PACE approved provider, Milestone offers over 400 chiropractic continuing education credits that range in topics from pathology and intervention, to musculoskeletal MRI. We pride ourselves in the variety of our chiropractic CE selection, and work to insure that the topics and information are relevant and up to date. We also recognize that unlike many other professions with CE requirements, few options are left to chiropractors outside of attending expensive CE seminars. We appreciate the sense of well-being your skills bring to our community members, and hope our home study course catalog will bring you some peace while you complete your chiropractic CE requirements.


NEW Milestone Course: Musculoskeletal MRI!


New Milestone Course

Milestone is pleased to announce a brand new course on Musculoskeletal MRI!

This two-part course offers 20 contact hours of comprehensive continuing education for chiropractors, physical therapists, and physical therapy assistants on the topics related to MRI Diagnostics. Featuring content from the the textbook “Essential Musculoskeletal MRI” by Michelle A. Wessely BSc, DC, DACBR, FCCR, FCC, Dip MEd and Martin F. Young BSc, DC, FCC, MEWI, this Milestone course delivers the latest on this topic in two user-friendly formats: online and mail formats. Click here to learn more about how our courses work.

The Musculoskeletal MRI course is divided into two separate course modules that cover the upper and lower extremities, specifically: Module 1: The Spine and Lower Extremities and Module 2: The Upper Extremities and the Temporomandibular (click the module titles to read the course goals and objectives). Ten (10) contact hours of continuing education for physical therapists or chiropractors can be obtained by purchasing these modules individually. They may also be purchased as a course bundle totaling 20 hours. The beauty of Milestone is that you can tailor your continuing education to meet your individual needs!

You may contact our customer service team if you have questions about your chiropractic or physical therapy continuing education requirements. You may also find these blog posts useful:


Chiropractors! Your Home Study CEUs are Here!


Chiropractic CEUs

The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards has recognized Milestone as a PACE approved provider of chiropractic continuing education. Our carefully crafted online CEUs are designed to take the irritation out of continuing education requirements. Keep reading to find out how we do it…

By eliminating the expensive hassles of traveling to a conference or seminar, or chaining you to your chair for a webinar, Milestone courses allow you to earn your credits on your own schedule. From the moment your select your desired CE unit, you have access to it via the Web on your home or office computer, tablet, or iPad. You can even print the course materials! Additionally, our user-friendly online formatting offers instant grading and the ability to print or e-mail your certificate of completion the moment you achieve a passing score. You have all the flexibility technology can offer, but you will never feel deprived of quality with Milestone!

And if you think we’re just another generic online CEU provider, think again. The pride of our business is our attention to detail where the needs of our customers are concerned. From setting up your custom course bundle, to questions about a specific CEU or anything concerning your continuing education, we’re here to assist you and make this process that much easier! Contact us by your preferred method of communication (phone, e-mail or live chat), or visit our FAQ section for general facts about how Milestone CEUs work.

Wondering what courses we offer in your area? We’ve got all of your answers at the convenience of a call or click. And don’t forget, you can create your own custom course bundle by setting up your account and visiting our course catalog!

Click on your state of licensure to view a list of PACE approved chiropractic CEUs at Milestone: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont.


Announcing NEW Course!


New CE Course

Milestone Continuing Education is excited to announce the launch of our new 20 contact hour continuing education course titled ‘Whiplash.’ Written by Meridel Gatterman, MA, DC, Med offering a patient – centered approach to the management of whiplash injuries. Our target audiences for this continuing education course are Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers and Chiropractic Physicians.

This course provides a balanced, evidence-based discussion of whiplash and its associated disorders, compiling information from many sources into a single, definitive reference. Clearly delineates rationales and procedures, covering cervical spine anatomy, neurology, kinesiology, epidemiology, patient history and assessment, imaging, soft tissue injuries, articular lesions, rehabilitation, and prognosis. Using numerous photos and illustrations, an expert author team led by Dr. Meridel Gatterman offers concrete guidelines for a patient-centered approach to care of whiplash and whiplash-related conditions -- one that recommends minimally invasive procedures and therapies whenever possible.


For those professionals interested in this continuing education course please click here to get started! You can choose to purchase the entire course by selecting the 20 contact hour bundle pack or purchase each module individually. If you’d like to learn more about this course and other distance education courses offered by Milestone Continuing Education please visit our Course Catalog, where you can find a complete course description, as well as, the goals and objectives for all courses offered by Milestone CE.

Milestone Continuing Education proudly serves the CE needs of Physical Therapist (and Assistants), Occupational Therapist (and Assistants), Athletic Trainers and Chiropractors across the United States. If you’re pleased with your CE experience we would love to hear your story!

Also, coming soon! Musculoskeletal MRI, Postsurgical Rehabilitation, Orthotics and Prosthetics and Neurological Rehabilitation!