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Oregon Chiropractic CE Requirement


Milestone CE is a PACE Approved ProviderPer the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners Laws and Regulations; in order to renew an active license, each regular active licensee must complete twenty (20) or more hours of chiropractic continuing education annually and all senior active licensee must complete six (6) hours of chiropractic continuing education annually. Both regular active and senior active licensees must maintain records to support the hours reported. A license year is defined by the board as a 12 – month period running from birth month to birth month, which means as you plan for your birthday you must also plan to submit your CE’s.

To submit the completion of continuing education the licensee must complete a signed Renewal Notice / CE Affidavit for Chiropractic Physicians (for ALL license statuses) attesting to successful completion of twenty (20) or more hours of chiropractic continuing education.

Please note that as of April 19th 2012 the Board has established a specific Record Keeping / Clinical Documentation CE requirement of six (6) hours for the year of 2013. The last day to complete this requirement is December 31st 2013 and the 6 hours may be part of the licensee’s annual CE requirement. Once the Record Keeping/ Clinical Documentation CE’s have been completed, each Chiropractic Physician should submit proof of completion immediately.

Let’s face it… Spending your birthday completing your CE’s is really just no way to spend your birthday. However, with Milestone Continuing Education you can complete your Chiropractic continuing education at any time during your 12 month license year from the convenience of your own home or office! Our self-paced open book exams guarantee you a headache free continuing education experience and our customer service team is here to stand behind that guarantee with phone lines that are open 365 days a year!

As an Approved Provider through the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board PACE Program all courses offered by Milestone Continuing Education are acceptable forms of chiropractic continuing education for the state of Oregon. You can literally complete your entire twenty (20) hours of chiropractic continuing education requirement with one purchase!

Our goal is and will always be to focus on our customers and eliminate the hassle in continuing education. To do so we have focused on core values such as reliability, affordability and practicality. The dedicated staff at Milestone CE is committed to offering only the highest quality of continuing education in the most effective (and practical) way.

If you’re looking for a CE option that is catered to your needs please visit our course catalog today!


Why Choose Milestone Continuing Education?

It goes without saying that there are hundreds (literally hundreds!) of options available to professionals across the United States who need to complete their continuing education requirements for their individual license renewal. So, why should you choose courses offered by Milestone Continuing Education?

Why Choose Milestone Continuing Education

Milestone CE is quickly becoming a leading provider of continuing education offering CE’s to Physical Therapist, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapist Assistants, Athletic Trainers, and Chiropractors. In addition to these professions, we are also currently seeking recognition as an NCBTMB Approved Provider for Massage Therapist. Milestone CE is Nationally recognized as a BOC Approved Provider (P8382), AOTA Approved Provider (7487) and PACE Approved Provider and numerous individual state boards have recognized courses offered by Milestone Continuing Education as acceptable forms of continuing education.

Part of our mission as a CE Provider is to never become complacent with our CE program. We are continuously looking to add to our course catalog as well as expand to new professions. We value our customer’s feedback and often use this insight as part of our growth and development. For every customer (our 'first timers' or our return customers (welcome back!)) we want you to know that your customer experience is important to us!

Here are just a couple of key features that we’ve found necessary to create the ultimate continuing education experience:

1. User – Friendly Interface: We are proud to announce that we have recently launched a brand new website that was designed with an emphasis on user friendliness.

2. Convenient without Sacrificing Quality: The purpose of continuing education is to promote continued competence, development of current knowledge and skills and enhancement of professional skills and judgment beyond the levels required for entry-level practice.

Course selection and development at Milestone CE focuses on increasing knowledge, skills and the professional abilities of our customers through a medium that allows educational growth in the most convenient method.

3. Affordable: While we never want to ‘chase a price’ we do understand that to offer an excellent overall user experience, the affordability of our product is important to our customers. Therefore, we take this aspect into great consideration when developing our courses.

By offering customers a home study self-paced course we are able to save both time and money. For example we’ve found a few live seminar courses that would require travel (average airline ticket is $375), book a hotel room for a minimum of 2 nights (average prices for a nice hotel in the United States start at $90 to $150 per night) and of course the cost for the course (16 hours of continuing education - $425). With one purchase (that’s one credit card transaction with Milestone Continuing Education) customers can complete 20 contact hours of continuing education for $254, while never having to take time away from family or work.

As a customer of Milestone CE your entire customer experience can really be summed up to 3 very easy steps:

Step 1: Read the Material -->Step 2: Grade Your Exam --> Step 3: Print your Certificate

We want you to be confident in choosing Milestone Continuing Education as your CE Provider. Our phone lines are open 365 days of the year and our CE Specialist are available to answer any questions you may have. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back – no questions asked. We can offer this confidently knowing that we will go the extra mile for every customer.

If you are new to Milestone Continuing Education and would like to speak to a Customer Service Representative we invite you to call our office today at 1-800-709-8820. For existing customers we would love to hear your story, please click here to tell us about your CE experience.

California Approval Agency Pace Approved Provider BOC Approved Provider

AOTA Approved Provider

What our customers are saying...

“Loved it and I will be back next yr!” Texas, OT

“Was very educational and able to still enjoy my day in the comfort of my home.” Texas, OT

“I loved it! The reading flowed well and I was able to learn as I could fit it into my schedule. A great way to obtain CE hours!!! Thank you.” Virginia, PT

“Good, easy to use website. Great for putting the course on my iPad to take anywhere and read.” Virginia, PT

“Website is simple and easy to use.” Alabama, Athletic Trainer

“It was concise and to the point which I liked. I also liked having the manual at home which will help in the future as a reference guide with some of the evaluation techniques.” Michigan, PT

“Great information presented in a very precise and organized way that made comprehension of the information easy and retainable.” South Carolina, PT


Milestone CE Now Recognized by PACE!

Milestone CE is a PACE Recognized ProviderWe are pleased to announce that Milestone Continuing Education is now a PACE recognized provider of continuing education courses for chiropractors!

Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE) is a service of The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB), the non-profit association of government agencies empowered to regulate the chiropractic profession. The mission of the FCLB is to protect the public and to serve member boards by promoting excellence in chiropractic regulation.

PACE evaluates providers for program quality in eight areas which include 25 criteria. Only CE providers that meet the FCLB PACE Criteria for Quality Continuing Education and comply with FCLB PACE Policies & Procedures are granted PACE approval and are authorized to use the PACE logo and/or approval statement on their publications. Once approved, CE providers are held responsible for continued compliance with those same standards to maintain recognition.

PACE Acceptance by boards is defined as recognizing the criteria of PACE as sufficient to meet board standards so that PACE-Recognized providers may receive CE course credit approval without individual course application and fee submission. Note that specific subjects or formats (such as online programs) may be prohibited by board statute, rule, or regulation.

The following states currently accept PACE approval: Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, and Vermont. Pace approval is also recognized by Puerto Rico and Nova Scotia.