Niche Markets for NSCA Certified Personal Trainers and CSCSs

The term “personal trainer” has long been associated with a burly muscled guy yelling “Drop and give me 20!” While that still holds true, more and more trainers are seeing the benefit of training niches. Special populations and sporting specialties demand more skill and often yield more money. Continuing education courses give trainers an excellent avenue to explore niches that increase desirability and bottom lines.

Consider the following training niches to add a little pizazz to your repertoire:

Seniors - Studies are consistently showing more and more seniors hitting the gym. Whether they’re looking to get in better shape or are rehabilitating from an injury or surgery, seniors are a hot market right now. Trainers interested in this population need to be aware of older adult population issues and associated conditions such as arthritis, hypertension and osteoporosis. Because older adults often have complex medical issues, trainers should consider coordinating with a client’s medical team to design a safe and appropriate exercise program.

Golfers – Golf continues to be a popular option for working and retired adults alike. Whether you’re looking to help someone improve a swing or start coaching professionals, you’ll want to learn the game and the biomechanics that go along with standard golf movements. The heart of the best golf swing lies in core strength and hip rotation. Check out this course to get started.

Injury/Surgery Rehab – Clients finishing up with physical therapy often want to continue their hard work once therapy is completed. Working with rehab clients often requires a deep understanding of injuries, the healing process and various therapeutic modalities. Rehab clients need specialized programs to pick up were physical therapy has left off and with gradual progression. Again, working with the client’s physical therapist or doctor is a good idea to avoid contraindicated movements and to design a safe program. This course offers great fundamentals about working with biomechanical issues.

Runners – As more and more folks use races as motivations to train, the need for running trainers is increasing. Running is a specialty requiring knowledge about safely increasing mileage, the best way to train for races and nutrition for optimal recovery. If you’re already a passionate runner, this is a great bonus to add to your skill set.

Pre- and Post Natal Fitness Specialist – Seasoned exercisers know how to work out but the game changes dramatically when there is a pregnancy involved. Pregnancies can be simple or complex and as a specialist, it’s up to you to keep your client safe. Liaise with the client’s obstetrician to understand any restrictions and recommendations.

The best way to find the right niche is to follow your own training. What types of activities draw you in? What’s your favorite method of training or sport? Chances are, if you’re already passionate about a specific activity, that niche is a natural choice for you.