CE for Chiros

In a recent article published by Fox News (originally published in Details Magazine), writer Liz Miersch highlights the recent flurry of stars that have sought out chiropractors in Hollywood. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian were mentioned along with nameless CEOs and executives who are now turning to the profession for more than readjustments. Miersch grazes the tip of the iceberg when she notes that in addition to the typical public idea of the field, (reducing back pain and muscular soreness), chiropractic treatment can actually increase the feeling of "well-being" and decrease internal stress without pharmaceuticals intervention.

Perhaps I should have mentioned earlier that the title of the article is "The truth about chiropractors." And while Miersch notes that the profession has received plenty of criticism over the decades, I'd like to illuminate the fact that chiropractors serve their communities the same way that other trained medical professionals do. Chiropractors undergo comprehensive training during their education, and in addition to the rigors of passing their board exams, they are required complete anywhere from thirteen (13) to fifty (50) continuing education credits annually depending on their state of licensure (unless you practice in Alaska...).

As a PACE approved provider, Milestone offers over 400 chiropractic continuing education credits that range in topics from pathology and intervention, to musculoskeletal MRI. We pride ourselves in the variety of our chiropractic CE selection, and work to insure that the topics and information are relevant and up to date. We also recognize that unlike many other professions with CE requirements, few options are left to chiropractors outside of attending expensive CE seminars. We appreciate the sense of well-being your skills bring to our community members, and hope our home study course catalog will bring you some peace while you complete your chiropractic CE requirements.