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Massage Therapy CE (Dual State Edition)


Do you ever change popular song lyrics to better suit you life in the moment? Sometimes when I hear a familiar tune, I'll tweak it just a little bit to make it more personalized. For example, (to the tune of 'Deck the Halls') "'Tis the season for CE deadlines, falalalala-lalalala" or (to the tune of Silver Bells) "CEUs... CEUs... It's time to choose all my courses".

Humorous as it may be, or as I hope it is, there is a pinch of truth in those words. North Carolina and Illinois massage therapy professionals know what I mean. In addition to the normal list of gift shopping, holiday party attending, and workload increase management, continuing education requirements must be completed and submitted so that your mood can stay merry and bright.

ILLINOIS LMT Continuing Ed. Requirements

Practitioners licensed in the Prairie State must complete 24 hours of continuing education courses during their biennial renewal period, ending this December (and every subsequent December falling on even-numbered years). Two hours out of the total 24 must come from an ethics course(s). Half of the requirement may be satisfied with home study or online CEUs like the ones offered here at

NORTH CAROLINA LMT Continuing Ed. Requirements

Similarly, Tar Heel State licensees need to complete 24 hours of approved continuing education courses with at least 3 hours of ethics training, and they may complete up to half of the requirement with online CEUs. The board requires that CE courses come from providers that are approved through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and suggests that licensees photocopy their renewal materials to keep in their personal records prior to sending them in for board review.

Milestone Continuing Education is an approved provider of continuing education for licensed MTs through the NCBTMB and offers the following course titles in both downloadable PDF formatting and mail order (click the links for course descriptions!):

licensed message therapy continuing education ncbtmb

Our courses are created from the latest information in your field to help propel your career to new heights. Before long you'll be singing, "JOY TO THE WORLD!" or something like that... Getting started is only a phone call or a few clicks away! Talk with a CE Specialist at 1-800-709-8820 or visit us at


November CE Deadline Roundup


The month of November isn't a popular one for state deadlines, but it is for birthday and license based renewal regulations. Or if you are a LMT working in New Jersey! So maybe a more accurate title for this blog post would be "Massage Therapy CE (New Jersey Edition)" and with that, the series will go on!

The board requires licensees to complete 20 hours continuing education, including 2 hours of ethics, by November 30th. In order to complete the renewal requirement successfully, the CE courses must focus on topics directly related to the practice of massage therapy. The board excludes any subject matter related to the administrative or business practices related to the profession. Milestone CE courses are created from the most current technical information available in the field, and board's content requirements. Choose from titles like:

NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

The board regulations do not ask licensees to send in their certificates of completion at the end of each biennial renewal period. Instead, the board conducts random audits. It might seem scary, but never fear! When you purchase your CEUs from Milestone, your certificates of completion are permanently stored in your private account as PDF documents that can be printed or e-mailed with ease. Additionally, Milestone is an approved continuing education provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (), a national organization recognized by the New Jersey MT board.

With just under a month to go, now is the perfect time to get started on your CE requirement with Milestone Continuing Education. Simply purchase, download, and go!


LMTs: More Than Just Magic Hands


Occasionally the general public may lose sight of all of the wonderful health and wellness benefits massage therapy can offer. Using easily accessible and inexpensive tools, like social media, offers people the ability to learn more about the specialized education and training licensed massage therapists go through (and maintain with CE courses), as well as the variety of health problems treated and prevented by these skilled professionals. Bolstering general knowledge about the profession makes commitment to a plan of therapy much more appealing once there is a better understanding of the benefits.

For instance, many people might think massage therapy is simply an endeavor in luxury. But as a trained professional, you know that a major focal point of the profession is preventative and restorative treatment. Using your marketing platforms (social media, brochures, e-mails, etc.) to educate potential clients about this aspect of your services will send the message that they don't have to wait until their birthday or a special occasion to enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled visits with a massage therapy. In addition to restorative treatments, advertising preventative treatment plans on social media offers people a glimpse of how well-rounded massage therapy services are, and provides the opportunity for repeat business and referrals because of the user-friendly nature of these online tools.

Social media sites are amazing (and free!) tools that offer the potential to reach many prospective clients. In conjunction with traditional forms of connecting (like business cards, fact sheets, brochures and mailers), use platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter to connect with the community your practice serves. This gives people who are curious about your services an opportunity to feel connected with your practice before they ever walk through the door. Don't forget to consider popular discount websites like, or venture offline with printed ads packages like Valpak, which can reach thousands of people in the area surrounding your business. Have your business cards and brochures with information about your website, contact information, and your educational information proudly displayed within arm's reach when they walk in for their first appointment, and you've already made an excellent impression.

In addition to creating social media profiles and connecting that way, utilize template-based e-mail blast websites like or to easily generate e-mails. These websites are inexpensive and are truly user-friendly, and can be an invaluable marketing tool for your practice. Using them to generate newsletters, special offer announcements and holiday oriented discounts gets your practice's information into potential patient inboxes where it can be easily accessed and (even better) forwarded to more potential patients.

If reaching potential patients via online means is not for you, educate and market to your community with mailers, brochures, fact sheets, and business cards. As you know, having your business's information displayed at gyms, offices, medical centers, and other relevant public places around your community increases your impression rate and keeps your business in the forefront of potential clients' minds. In addition to printed marketing materials, teaching courses focused on massage therapy educates the community about the health and wellness benefits your services offer, and can also potentially earn you continuing education credits (but be sure to check your state board's continuing education regulations first to review the guidelines for obtaining hours this way).

Many user-friendly, inexpensive, and effective marketing options geared to your budget and time frame are out there. It's up to you to choose which ones will help educate your community about all your business has to offer. Have a helpful marketing suggestion that you didn't see here? Put it in the comments below! And if you want to learn more about online CE options for massage therapists, head over to


Maryland Message Therapy CE


NCBTMB Massage Therapy Continuing Education CoursesThe Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene updated the continuing education requirements for massage therapists back in January 2014. This post will review those changes and summarize the CE requirements for current and new licensees. For comprehensive rules and regulations for massage therapy continuing education, please visit the Maryland Board website: If you are a new licensee to the profession (in practice for less than one year), you are exempt for the CE course requirement portion of the renewal process, although you will still be required to complete the other steps related to license renewal outside of getting your CEU credits.

The previously mentioned changes to the continuing education requirements will apply during this upcoming biennial renewal period, ending on October 31, 2014. However, please note that all continuing education courses must be completed no later than October 30th! Licensees who have been in practice for a year or more will be required to complete a total of 24 hours of continuing education which the Board has broken up into the following specifications: 3 hours of ethics and jurisprudence; 3 hours of communicable disease (HIV/AIDS) education; 1 hour from cultural/diversity competency; and the remaining 17 hours from Board-approved CE courses focused on topics related directly to the practice of massage therapy.

Your CE credits can be obtained by attending live seminars or opting for home study and/or online courses. The only limitation related to the format of your CE courses pertains to local, regional or national conferences. Only up to 12 hours can be obtained from those events during the biennial renewal period. Board accepted CE companies are accredited (considered pre-approved by the MD Board) if they are also approved to offer LMT CE courses by organizations like the American Massage Therapy Association, Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation, or the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. If you opt to take CE courses at a state accredited university or college, or receive credit from the U.S. Military Commands, these are also accepted by the Maryland Board and will count toward your overall CE requirement.

Choosing a CE provider can be tricky, even with the long list of accepted pre-approved options. But if you've found your way to this blog post, then you're on the right track! As a NCBTMB Approved Provider (#491), Milestone Continuing Education is the perfect choice for completing your 17 hours of core CE coursework. Currently offering over 85 hours of online CE credits with course titles like "Integrated Sports Massage Therapy" and "Deep Tissue Massage Treatment" among others, our professionally relevant and affordable courses are designed for your convenience and professional development. Choose your courses in mail order format, or for instant access, choose online (PDF) format, download to your tablet device and get started on your requirement immediately after purchase. And don't forget to purchase your course modules in a "Bundle Pack" to save even more! Visit the Course Catalog and get started today!

Have questions? We've got answers! E-mail or call 1-800-709-8820 to speak with a friendly CE Specialist today.