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Milestone Continuing Education Online CEUsWhen Milestone CE was founded in 2010 most of its target clientele (PTs, OTs, athletic trainers, and other rehabilitation and fitness professionals like yourself) were completing their CEUs on a laptop or desktop computer. We put all of our effort into the design of the ultimate user-friendly website. However, over the past five years technology has increasingly moved away from traditional computers toward mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. While our website is currently accessible on mobile devices like iPhones and iPads, it is not what is considered "mobile-friendly." With your help, we plan to make our current website completely mobile-friendly to up the convenience factor for all of our clients! That includes YOU!

But we need your help to make this possible...

Milestone has been invited to enter a contest through Chase Bank to win a grant that would be used to fund the construction of our mobile website. A minimum of 250 votes by June 19th is required to be considered for grant selection. If you are someone like me who at this point is wondering, "How will I really know that they'll use the money to build a mobile website?" let me assure you, our mission is strictly aimed at bettering this company so that we may bring you the most affordable, convenient, and quality continuing education available on the internet, with no limitations. And for further ethical assurance, part of our application for the grant is to stipulate how the funds will be used to better our business and once those efforts are announced to the selection panel we are held to that.

Voting is easy, all you need is a Facebook account...

We hope you will be one of the 250 people that help us get a chance at being selected for this HUGE opportunity to help improve overall customer experience at Milestone! Here are the voting instructions: First, go to: then type Milestone Continuing Education into the text box. Next, click on the link that says "Log in with Facebook" (if you are not already logged into your Facebook account, you will be prompted to do so at this point - as the website point out, your personal information will not be stored in any fashion). Once you've logged into your Facebook account, click "OKAY" then click "VOTE NOW." A green check mark will appear and you will see the phrase "Your vote has been cast." That's it!

Thank you so much for reading this blog post, and an even bigger "thanks!" for voting! We could not do what we do without you.


A Letter From the CEO


To our Doctors, Therapists, Trainers and Specialists:

With 2014 behind us, I wanted to personally thank each of you for your continued confidence in choosing Milestone Continuing Education as your CE provider. On behalf of our entire team, I can tell you that your support and trust in MCE has us inspired and motivated us to make 2015 our best year yet!

In constant pursuit of our Mission Statement, we have always dedicated the first few months of the New Year to focus on course development and expanding board approvals. In doing so, I'd like to thank each of you for your participation in our course completion surveys. Your feedback and course recommendations allow us to choose relevant topics that will help advance your professional knowledge, which is the ultimate goal.

I am excited to announce current course development in topics including: Assistive Technologies, Cognitive and Perceptual Rehabilitation, Pain, and Management of Chronic Conditions in the Foot and Lower Leg.

In 2015 we will continue to strive to earn our reputation as a leading provider of continuing education, expanding our course catalog with the latest research available in each field we proudly serve, and keeping excellent customer service at the heart of our business.

Thank you again for the success that your loyalty has made possible for Milestone Continuing Education. I hope that you will continue to choose MCE as your CE provider. I invite you to leave your feedback or contact me directly at Do you have specific titles you'd like to see added to our course catalog in 2015? Are you licensed in a state that does not yet accept courses offered by Milestone CE? I want to hear from you!

With deepest gratitude,

Kellene Pepple, Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Happy New Year from Milestone CE!


Continuing Education

Thank you for making 2014 a spectacular year at Milestone Continuing Education!

We are looking forward to another year of working hard to bring you the best online CE out there.

Great things are coming in 2015.

We'll #CEUthere


MCE Fitness Challenge Updates!


It's been exactly one month since we announced our office fitness challenge, so we thought it was time to share some updates from some of our participating staff members. Your fitness tips, advice, and stories are welcome! Just leave your comments down below or on our Facebook Page in the comments section announcing this post. Ready? Set... Here we go!

Kellene - Fitness Goal: Run a full marathon

The avid runner in our office, Kellene has been diligently training in preparation to enter her first marathon in the fall or winter. She's been so diligent, in fact, that she's kept her "missed opportunity" money out of the collection jar (What? Money? Huh? Read more about that here). She has been following the guidelines from the Higdon Novice 1 Training Program to help her get ready for her race. Which race you ask? She's not sure yet, but take a look at the list below to see the ones she has her eyes on.

Kellene's Picks for Fall Marathons -

  • Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon
  • Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon
  • Ft. Myers Beach Marathon
  • Santa Barbara International Marathon
  • Pensacola Marathon

Kellene's Picks for Winter Marathons -

  • Hilton Head Marathon
  • Gulf Winds Track Club Tallahassee Marathon
  • Catalina Island Marathon

Lindsey - Fitness Goal: Lead Rope Certification

If you haven't read our previous MCE Fitness Challenge post, then you may not know exactly what this means. There are many forms of rock climbing, but the main three that are found in most indoor rock climbing gyms are: bouldering; top roping; and lead roping. This type of climbing requires a pre-established and demonstrable skillset in order to qualify the climber for certification. At minimum the climber must be able to "send" (that means complete in "rock climber-speak") a lower-advanced route without making a mistake. I have tackled a few advanced routes in the last month, but I haven't completed one without making a mistake yet. Only time, diligence, and hard work will tell if I make my goal of lead rope certification by the end of summer. It's going to be a close call!

So tell us, have you initiated an office fitness challenge where you work? Are you participating on your own with us? We want to know! Use the hashtag #MCEfitnessChallenge in your social media posts so we can see how you're doing! More announcements are to come, so stay tuned.


MCE Fitness Challenge


A competition is heating up at Milestone HQ...

We love serving the continuing education needs of our practitioners, but that means spending a lot of time sitting down at a computer. Coinciding with our Facebook post from Monday, we're initiating an office-wide fitness challenge, complete with a worthy prize at the end! It all started with a fitness "bucket list" conversation.

Kellene, an avid runner who's already conquered three half marathons (that's 13.1 miles in case you didn't know!), wants to enter her first full marathon in the fall or winter. Angie wants to work up to walking every evening (she asked me to mention that if the Indiana weather does not cooperate with her, she'll find a treadmill somewhere). For myself, I want to advance in my passion for rock climbing by becoming lead rope certified. What's that? You can learn more about lead roping here. (Yes, I just linked you to a Wikipedia article...). Other office fitness bucket list goals include: running a full mile without stopping, trying a new class at the gym every week (i.e.- yoga, boot camp, step, etc.), and speaking of classes, being able to get through an entire spin class - seriously, if you've never tried one, you should at least once. They're intense!

While having a big outlying goal like a marathon is great motivation, it's not a requirement to participate in this with us. However big or small your motivating factors may seem, the most important thing is to develop the healthy habit of consistently exercising every week! Here's how we plan to accomplish that as a team. And by the way, if you want to participate along with us, be sure to use the hashtag #MCEfitnessChallenge so we can see how you're doing!

The Challenge:

Milestone Continuing EducationAt least four days a week, all participants must exercise for at least 20 minutes. The chosen activity must be one that elevates your heart rate, but the choice is completely up to you. If you miss a day of exercise during the week, you owe the collection jar $3, so the maximum amount you can owe the jar for a full week of missed opportunities is $12. And just like with many of your CEU courses, there is no carryover into the following week (so you can't work out every day one week, then only 1 day the following week. That does not count!). At the end of 12 weeks, the amount that's in the jar gets raffled off to someone in the office, and they will donate the amount to a charity of their choice. Sounds pretty simple, right? You may be thinking that twenty minutes isn't that bad... But just wait until you try to keep it up week after week. There's a reason we named it the MCE Fitness "Challenge!"

We'll report in on our progress every week on our Facebook Page, so be sure to follow us there. Good luck!


Late Summer CE Deadline Overview


It's time again to share the upcoming deadlines for late summer. As in our previous CE Deadline Overview, this is something we will be doing semi-monthly to keep everyone informed of their upcoming deadlines.

Milestone Continuing Education OverviewOf course, as board rules are apt to change, be sure to always check the board rules in your state of licensure for more information on your deadline and continuing education requirements. Additionally, this review, as with all future posts on this subject, will only cover the requirements for states where Milestone CEUs are approved. Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let's get started!

Chiropractors - On August 1st chiropractors licensed in Nebraska will need to submit their 36 hours of continuing education (keeping in mind that only 6 hours may come from online sources). September 1st is a popular date for continuing ed. deadlines for D.C.s licensed in Montana and North Dakota. Montana chiropractors need to turn in their certificates of completion for their 13 hour requirement and North Dakota chiropractors must complete 20 hours of CEU courses by that date. Then on September 30th, South Carolina chiropractors are up for renewal and must have completed 36 hours, however only 18 of those may come from an online source.

Occupational Therapists & Assistants - Delaware OT practitioners have to submit their renewal materials, including proof of completion of 20 hours of CE courses - careful, there's a 10 hour limit for online courses! - by July 31st. Wyoming occupational therapist and assistants have to complete their 16 hour requirement by July 31st as well. OT practitioners in Nebraska have a deadline the following day (August 1st) to complete their renewal requirements, including a 20 hour CE requirement for OTs and a 15 hour CE requirement for OTAs.

Don't forget that when you purchase 20 hours from Milestone (that's two 10 hour CEU courses, or one 20 hour bundle pack), you receive a FREE 4 hour ethics course! This isn't a sale, this is a perpetual offer when you choose Milestone. Contact a CE Specialist toll-free at 1-800-709-8220 for details.

Physical Therapists & Assistants - Time is up on September 1st for Arizona physical therapists to submit proof of the completed 20 hour requirement. Arizona PTAs do not have a CE requirement. Illinois physical therapists have until September 30th to submit their renewal documentation, including proof of completion of their 40 hour continuing ed. requirement. PTs in Illinois are only allowed to complete half of that amount (20 hours) via online resources. PTAs in Illinois are up for renewal next year.

At Milestone CE, our mission is to provide the best online CE experience for our practitioners. Part of achieving this is maintaining our standing with national professional regulatory organizations like the Better Business Bureau, the PACE program within the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards, the American Occupational Therapy Association (Approved Provider 7487), the Board of Certification, Inc. (Approved Provider #P8382), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Approved Provider L1272), the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (Approved Provider 491), as well as individual state boards for physical therapy (click here to find out your state’s approval status).

If you have any questions about our courses or company that are not answered here or in our FAQ Section, please do not hesitate to contact us! You can call toll-free at 1-800-709-8820 or e-mail us at We look forward to hearing from you!


MCE's Independence Day Sale Starts Today!


Independence Day Sale going on NOW!

The "Fourth of July" is just a date; what we're really celebrating is our independence! There are lots of ways to celebrate, a couple of favorites being barbecues and fireworks, but the way we celebrate Independence Day at Milestone is by offering freedom from full-priced continuing education for all of our practitioners (PTs, OTs, ATs, CSCSs, CPTs, Chiropractors and Massage Therapists)!

Beginning today and ending July 4th at midnight, we're accepting a universal promo code for the entire course catalog, all course formats, and even our already discounted Bundle Packs. Use the promo code: INDEPENDENCE in the box provided at checkout and save instantly! Of course, if you have questions feel free to contact one of our CE Specialists at or toll-free at 1-800-709-8820. Get started today at


Share Your Story for #MotivateMonday


Share Your StoryWe've been doing some thinking...

We think it's time to renovate a very special feature on our blog: the Share Your Story portal. Previously we'd talked about this here, and on our social media platforms, as a place to submit reviews and testimonials. We still want your testimonials (let us know how we're doing at, but the Share Your Story will from now on be used for a new purpose. Are you ready? Here it is...


Tell us a funny tale from your office; share an endearing moment or inspiring conversation; tell us what motivates you in your workplace and career each day, and we'll share it on our Facebook page every Monday morning through the end of July (and perhaps beyond). There's nothing tricky going on here and participation is optional (of course), but we hope you will consider sharing a happy thought or two! Because who doesn't need a little motivation to have a happier day from time to time? Here's what you have to do:

  • Go to the blog at and locate the image above (scroll down a little and it will be on the right).
  • Click on the button that says "Share Your Story" and a new screen will appear (below)
Share Your Story
  • You know what to do from here!
  • Side-note: The "Share" button in the text window will submit the story to Milestone. It will not appear anywhere else. If it is selected for our Facebook page, your first name will appear but your last name and e-mail will not be shared.
We'll select the most awesome stories and post them on Facebook each Monday morning, starting on June 16th. If you have more questions, ask us in the comments below, or go to our Facebook Page! Prefer to talk with a person? Contact one of our CE Specialists at 1-800-709-8820 to learn about all things Milestone CE.

We look forward to reading your submissions and learning more about what motivates you! Use the hashtag so we can find your tweets and Facebook posts each Monday! #MotivateMonday


Milestone is NCBTMB Approved!


NCBTMB Approved Provider Massage Therapy CEUsWe have been hard at work earning the acronyms after our name (just like you!) and we are proud to announce a new addition to our approval line-up: continuing educational provider approval (#491) through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork! We hope to use this credential as a beacon to massage therapy professionals looking for quality, affordable and trustworthy online continuing education to fulfill their renewal requirements.

Visit our Course Catalog to review our current course list, or click the links below to review CEU descriptions and professional objectives for each title:

Our priority is to offer an unequaled CE experience by maintaining our standing with national regulatory organizations like the NCBTMB (Approved Provider #491), the Board of Certification (Approved Provider #P8382), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (Approved Provider #L1272) and the American Occupational Therapy Association (Approved Provider #7487), as well as offering high impact course content centered around the latest research available in each of the professional fields we serve.

Learn more about MCE today by contacting a CE Specialist via the live chat feature on our website, or by calling toll-free 1-800-709-8820.


New Courses for OTs, PTs, & Assistants!

Course Catalog expansion is very important to Milestone. As an online provider of CE courses for physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors and more, w strive to ensure our practitioners have a wide variety titles to browse through when they have the option to choose home study courses. This week we're announcing not one, but two brand new courses open to our Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy practitioners available for purchase on Monday, May 12th. The details are below, but of course if you find that your questions have not been answered, feel free to contact a CE Specialist at 1-800-709-8820 or via e-mail at

Hand Therapy CEU courses

Hand Therapy

The fully illustrated text has been carefully broken down by sections into 3 modules to better meet your professional needs. Each module is approved for 10 contact hours of post-graduate continuing education (NOTE: board approvals vary state to state, please check your state's approval status in the state specific course catalog by returning to our home page and entering both your state and profession). In this updated edition, new information has been added showcasing the newest testing techniques, data on normative values for range of motion, and reliability and validity studies from the current literature. Each chapter features anatomical descriptions supplemented with line drawings of the joints and photographs of the goniometric landmarks.

Physical Agents in Rehabilitation

Physical Agents

This text expands on treatment options and patient safety with sections on thermal agents and electrical currents that reflect clinical application recommendations and the latest research on the topic. Content includes contraindication and precautions boxes with important safety information, upper extremity cases for all physical agent chapters, and application technique boxes with detailed step-by-step instructions for using all physical agents. The course has been carefully divided into 4 modules for your convenience, with each module having been approved for 10 contact hours of post-graduate continuing education. As with the previous course, be sure to check your state's approval status before purchasing online CEU courses.

Course modules can be purchased individually, or may be grouped into cost-efficient "Bundle Packs" listed after every CEU title in the Course Catalog. Additionally, you may select your preferred method of continuing ed. by choosing between online or mail format options. All Milestone Continuing Education course exams are taken online to offer the benefit of immediate grading and instant access to certificates of completion (upon achieving a passing score of 70% or higher).

Contact a CE Specialist to get started today, or set up your online account, select and purchase your modules and get started with an easy click of your mouse. It's that simple!