It's been exactly one month since we announced our office fitness challenge, so we thought it was time to share some updates from some of our participating staff members. Your fitness tips, advice, and stories are welcome! Just leave your comments down below or on our Facebook Page in the comments section announcing this post. Ready? Set... Here we go!

Kellene - Fitness Goal: Run a full marathon

The avid runner in our office, Kellene has been diligently training in preparation to enter her first marathon in the fall or winter. She's been so diligent, in fact, that she's kept her "missed opportunity" money out of the collection jar (What? Money? Huh? Read more about that here). She has been following the guidelines from the Higdon Novice 1 Training Program to help her get ready for her race. Which race you ask? She's not sure yet, but take a look at the list below to see the ones she has her eyes on.

Kellene's Picks for Fall Marathons -

  • Rock 'n' Roll Savannah Marathon
  • Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon
  • Ft. Myers Beach Marathon
  • Santa Barbara International Marathon
  • Pensacola Marathon

Kellene's Picks for Winter Marathons -

  • Hilton Head Marathon
  • Gulf Winds Track Club Tallahassee Marathon
  • Catalina Island Marathon

Lindsey - Fitness Goal: Lead Rope Certification

If you haven't read our previous MCE Fitness Challenge post, then you may not know exactly what this means. There are many forms of rock climbing, but the main three that are found in most indoor rock climbing gyms are: bouldering; top roping; and lead roping. This type of climbing requires a pre-established and demonstrable skillset in order to qualify the climber for certification. At minimum the climber must be able to "send" (that means complete in "rock climber-speak") a lower-advanced route without making a mistake. I have tackled a few advanced routes in the last month, but I haven't completed one without making a mistake yet. Only time, diligence, and hard work will tell if I make my goal of lead rope certification by the end of summer. It's going to be a close call!

So tell us, have you initiated an office fitness challenge where you work? Are you participating on your own with us? We want to know! Use the hashtag #MCEfitnessChallenge in your social media posts so we can see how you're doing! More announcements are to come, so stay tuned.