Milestone Rewards

Pssst! Want to know a secret? You can share Milestone CE course materials with your friends and co-workers. Want to know another secret? Milestone will send you a check for 10% of the total sale of any referral you send our way! There are so many reasons to choose Milestone for your CE needs, but there are a few perks we haven't mentioned in a post before. So here they are! Remember, the best secrets are the ones you don't have to keep!

Referrals with Milestone: To show our appreciation for your support through referrals, existing Milestone customers (those with established accounts) can receive a special reward for sending friends our way. Here is how it works:

For every customer you refer, we will pay you a 10% commission on their total sales price. Commissions on mail format or online CE courses will only be paid when your e-mail is mentioned during the ordering process. Therefore, when your friends place their order, they must either contact Milestone Customer Service at 1-800-709-8820 and mention your e-mail address to the representative. Or if they prefer to order online, they must enter your e-mail address into the space provided on the check out page. Your friends may also write your e-mail address on the mail order form if they are ordering their Milestone CEUs using that method. Most importantly, for verification purposes, the e-mail address they mention must MATCH the e-mail address you used to create your Milestone account.

Share a Course: Two heads are better than one, right? Because Milestone continuing ed. courses are downloadable and printable, you can easily share study materials with your friends!

Once you have chosen your MCE continuing education courses, contact customer service to place your order. Once your order is purchased, the CE course materials and exam will appear in your account. Then, each person you intend to share the course materials with must call customer service (make sure they know your e-mail address for verification!). As you will be sharing the course materials with them, only the exam will appear in their account. Since they will not have direct access to the course materials, their pricing will amount to $10 per hour (i.e. - 20 CEU credits would be priced at $200; 30 CEU credit hours would be priced at $300, etc.).

Browse our home CEU course catalog and get started today! For more information, visit our FAQ section, live chat with a Milestone representative, or e-mail us at

IMPORTANT NOTE: Milestone referrals and share a course features cannot be combined.