As the CE rules have recently been updated in this state, a little refresher on the chiropractic continuing education requirement is in order! In this post we'll cover the specifics in a straight forward, clear and objective manner - no legalese here. Just continue reading for a review of the Minnesota chiropractic CE requirement...

Chiropractors licensed in Minnesota have an annual renewal period. The deadlineis December 31st. Over the course of the year, practitioners must complete 20 hours of chiropractic continuing education in order to qualify for renewal. Outside of the following 6 hours which must come from specific course materials (listed below), the remaining hours may come from course titles that best suit the practitioner's professional needs and interests. The following hours must come from specific subject material according to the board:

Minnesota Chiropractic Continuing Education CEUs

  • Three (3) hours must in X-Ray or imaging related subjects (like MCE's "Musculoskeletal MRI")
  • Two (2) hours in acupuncture/meridian therapy (if previously certified for these treatments)
  • One (1) hour in professional boundaries

Chiropractors in MN have the option of completing all 20 hours via online or "home study" resources. This gives the practitioner complete control between choosing self-paced CE or chiropractic continuing education seminars. While networking with colleagues at conventions held in exciting locations like Las Vegas may seem appealing, it doesn't soften the financial blow of convention registration fees, and travel and boarding costs. Save yourself time and money, avoid spending long hours in a hotel conference room, and complete your hours from the comfort of home with Milestone Chiropractic CEUs.

Minnesota defines appropriate chiropractic continuing education as either being directly approved by the board, or being approved by a CE Sponsor, such as the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. Companies, like Milestone CE, can become registered as PACE: "Providers of Approved Continuing Education" if their courses meet the rigorous standards set forth by this national organization. Minnesota accepts PACE companies and the continuing education courses they offer to licensed chiropractors, so licensees up for renewal can rest assured that their credits will be counted without any issues. How comforting is that?

If you have questions that were not answered here, feel free to call and speak with a CE Specialist toll-free at 1-800-709-8820 or e-mail your questions and comments to