NATA Conference

As you might know, this year's National Athletic Trainer's Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposia will be held on June 24th - 27th in Las Vegas. Convention goers can expect to encounter panels covering important topics in the field, and they will also have access to cutting-edge training services and supplies in the nation's biggest athletic trainer trade show. And did we mention it's in LAS VEGAS? Talk about career and live social networking opportunities!

But what if you can't go this year? Don't cry yourself to sleep tonight, because Milestone has come to your rescue! Our athletic trainer continuing education offers you the opportunity to complete your 50 hour requirement with BOC approved CE courses for significantly less money than attending the NATA conference. Compatible with your computer, iPad, or eReader of your choice, our downloadable and printable CE courses go where you go at one price! No transportation expenses, no hotel fees, and no registration. Simply browse our course catalog, select your athletic training CEU options, purchase and you're on your way to fulfilling your requirements.

Okay, so we don't have the flashing lights, the casino games, and the "what happens in Vegas" slogan, but we guarantee Milestone is safe bet for your continuing education courses!