Athletic Training Continuing EducationAthletic Trainers play a vital role in the health and performance of professionals in a variety of arenas. Of course we know this because we've had the privilege of being a BOC Approved Provider (P8382) and offering top notch athletic trainer continuing education for years! But in reality, many people are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of athletic training. So National Athletic Trainer Month (#NATM2014) was created to promote general knowledge and awareness of this awesome profession, as well as to remind friends, family and clients to thank their friendly neighborhood ATs for all of their hard work year-round (...catch the super hero reference there? Comment below if you did)!

Today, athletic trainers can be found in hospitals, offices, labs, and even at NASA and working alongside the military (check out more interesting places ATs can be found here). And as this profession continues to evolve, more organizations are beginning to recognize the benefits associated with employing these highly skilled practitioners that are trained in both preventative and therapeutic methods that go far beyond tape and ice. That's why we feel it is more important than ever to show appreciation to dedicated ATs all over the country. It's time for them to stop being the "unsung heroes" and start getting some recognition outside of one awareness month!

If you're someone who has experienced the benefit of working with an AT, or if you're an AT interested in promoting general knowledge about your field, you can find a list of ideas on the Board of Certification's website that will help you organize events in your area to accomplish this. And don't worry, they don't expire after March 31st. Education is important all year, and we would know! On the topic of education, it wouldn't be fair to continue without noting that athletic trainers are required to obtain fifty (yes, 50) hours of CE courses every two years. That's what it takes to keep them on top of all of the developments in their area of practice. This clearly shows the level of dedication required to remain an active licensee in this field.

Taking a closer look into the function of athletic trainer continuing education also helps shed light on the field overall. Athletic training CEU courses are created to help the practitioner:

• Be aware of the cutting edge practices in the athletic training realm

• Develop professionally for improved work performance

• Enhance their overall knowledge by exploring specific areas of content

• Master training skills and techniques new to athletic training

• Add to their arsenal of effective training approaches

• Develop their overall professional judgment

Any career that has CEU requirements signals that the professional must be able to implement new techniques into their practice as better methods are discovered. As a BOC Approved Provider it is our responsibility in maintaining the board's strict rules to make sure that each one of the 334 Category A Approved hours offers high impact and clinically relevant information for athletic trainers. We like to go a step further and offer these CE courses is convenient online packaging, compatible with your home or office computer, tablet, or iPad. But enough about CEUs, this month's about CELEBRATION!

Thank you for all you do on and off the field every single day!