The Board of Certification has announced a new segment within athletic trainer continuing education requirement. Beginning in this renewal period (ending December 31, 2015) ATs must incorporate 10 hours of "EBP" or "evidence-based practice" within their total athletic training CEU hours. If you became a licensed AT before 2014, your requirement remains 50 hours, with a 10 hour EBP specification. If you have recently or will soon become a licensed AT in 2014 (congratulations!) your requirement will be a total of 25 CEU hours, with a 5 hour EBP requirement.

So what exactly is EBP, you ask? Evidence-based practice courses are specifically designed to help implement the latest knowledge and techniques into the athletic trainer's practice. These include activities such like seminars, conferences and workshops, as well as webinars and home study programs that are properly affiliated with the BOC to offer these types of courses. Proper proof of completion is required regardless of the program format. Review the chart below to determine the number of hours each type of course is worth and what type of documentation is required to obtain credit for that activity.

athletic trainer ceu update chart ebp

Continuing Ed. for ATs is organized into five categories that define and weight different kinds of CE activities with a certain number of hours (if any), along with other specifications that pertain to qualifying for renewal. Category A - BOC Approved Providers is where Milestone Continuing Education comes into play. As far as your remaining 40 hours (excluding the 10 hours that must come from EBP courses), MCE offers over 325 hours of online CE for ATs through a variety of course titles to choose from that are derived from the latest edition textbooks available. Each dynamic course will present the research and techniques with written and pictorial explanations to help prepare the practitioner for implementing new knowledge into their practice.

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