New Milestone Course

Milestone is pleased to announce a brand new course on Musculoskeletal MRI!

This two-part course offers 20 contact hours of comprehensive continuing education for chiropractors, physical therapists, and physical therapy assistants on the topics related to MRI Diagnostics. Featuring content from the the textbook “Essential Musculoskeletal MRI” by Michelle A. Wessely BSc, DC, DACBR, FCCR, FCC, Dip MEd and Martin F. Young BSc, DC, FCC, MEWI, this Milestone course delivers the latest on this topic in two user-friendly formats: online and mail formats. Click here to learn more about how our courses work.

The Musculoskeletal MRI course is divided into two separate course modules that cover the upper and lower extremities, specifically: Module 1: The Spine and Lower Extremities and Module 2: The Upper Extremities and the Temporomandibular (click the module titles to read the course goals and objectives). Ten (10) contact hours of continuing education for physical therapists or chiropractors can be obtained by purchasing these modules individually. They may also be purchased as a course bundle totaling 20 hours. The beauty of Milestone is that you can tailor your continuing education to meet your individual needs!

You may contact our customer service team if you have questions about your chiropractic or physical therapy continuing education requirements. You may also find these blog posts useful: