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PT Continuing Education (Idaho Edition)


Idaho Physical Therapy Continuing EducationIn blog posts past we've talked a lot about the convenience and affordability of online continuing education. Online CEUs save you travel costs, convention or seminar registration fees, and let's not forget time and hassle! But one aspect of Milestone's online CE we may have failed to emphasize is VARIETY. Milestone Continuing Education offers a wide range of subjects with our online PT and PTA CEUs that are all designed to improve your knowledge; increase your impact with your patients; and introduce new research and techniques.

Browsing through the Course Catalog is like walking down the snack aisle with its options, except here instead of BBQ Baked Lays, crispy kettle chips, and Cool Ranch Doritos (okay, I know they're made with corn, not potatoes, but they're a personal favorite!), you have over 1,000 amazing hours to choose from! But before your mind wanders onto chips and salsa, queso, Pringles, and Cheetos, let's review the Idaho physical therapy continuing education requirements. Its official nickname might be the "gem state," but who can't help hearing "Idaho potatoes" in their mind?

Physical therapy practitioners in the state are required to complete 16 hours of PT or PTA CEUs annually. Idaho physical therapy practitioners are allowed to complete their entire CE requirement online. If you're a licensed PT or PTA up for renewal in Idaho and have been searching the Internet for quality, affordable and convenient courses covering a wide selection of topics, you've come to the right place!

If you have questions or comments about our physical therapy CEUs, contact a friendly CE specialist at 1-800-709-8820 or e-mail your questions to Be sure to keep track of your state CE requirement on the Idaho PT Board Rule website (click the link to go straight to the board rules PDF document).


Rhode Island Physical Therapy CEUs


It's time again to review another state's CE requirement! This time we're rolling in with the tide on the shore of Rhode Island. RI physical therapy practitioners, both PTs and PTAs are required to complete 20 hours within a two year renewal period, culminating in the due date of March 31st of even numbered years.

Rhode Island (RI) Physical Therapy (PT) Continuing Education (CE)

Physical therapy continuing education in Rhode Island is divided into four categories with specific activities and hourly weights (be sure to always check your state board's website for changes to the requirement as they are updated frequently and without warning!). Category 1 consists of formal courses, such as those at a college or university. Category 2 is Milestone Continuing Education's specialty - online PT CEUs and PTA CEUs! Category 3 is for formal presentations, and Category 4 describes the details for obtaining CE credit for publications.

Now let's talk a little more about Category 3... Physical therapy online continuing education courses are perfect for the busy practitioner looking for a way to keep up with advancements in the field to optimize their professional performance, while still being able to perform their daily routines. Milestone offers customizable CEUs that you can purchase in two formats: mail and online. With the online option, you can download your course materials and access them on your home or office computer, iPad or tablet device without WiFi (after initial download). The mail format allows you to skip the screen and receive a printed and bound copy of the course materials (you can also print the entirety of the course materials with the online option). Milestone's Course Catalog offers hundreds of CE hours to choose from created from the latest research and findings in the field!

Complete your CE requirement in a few easy clicks by visiting or by calling and talking with a friendly CE Specialist toll-free at 1-800-709-8820.


Dela-where? Physical Therapy CE Word Search!



Delaware PTs and PTAs - this one's for you! Your state has a physical therapy CE deadline of January 31st of even years, but it's never too early to start working on your physical therapy continuing education! Physical Therapists and Assistants are required to complete three CEUs, or thirty (30) hours of continuing education CE courses in order to apply for license renewal. If you recently received your license to practice in Delaware, the number of CEUs you are required to complete will differ. Visit the Delaware Board Website for details regarding your CE requirement.

You may notice when you visit the website that there have been some recent updates to the Board Rules. Among those updates, PT practitioners are now required to complete 2 hours of ethics, in addition to their thirty hour requirement. Luckily, when you purchase twenty or more hours with Milestone Continuing Education, you receive a FREE four (4) hour ethics course! Get started by browsing the Course Catalog, and check out the newest available courses at the top of the page. Make your selections, add to your online shopping cart and get on your way to completing your PTA CEUs or physical therapy CEU courses! Stop searching for quality, affordable and convenient online CE (that's only fun in Word Searches), and choose Milestone Continuing Education for your physical therapy CE needs.


Physical Therapy CE (Arkansas Edition)


Physical Therapy CE - Arkansas

When I sit down to blog about a state I've never been to, I try to imagine what I'd want to see and learn about on a trip there. The first place I start is the state's website, knowing it will showcase the best aspects of my imaginary destination. Applying this method to Arkansas, the first thing I found out is that the state slogan is: "The Natural State."

With the tiniest amount of research, I quickly learned that the Arkansas houses no less than seven national parks (that's 2.6 million acres of forest lands), two mountain ranges, and 13 major lakes. Now that may be great information to include in a post about traveling, but my focus is to find the connection between the place and the profession.

My target today are physical therapists and physical therapy assistants licensed in Arkansas. Since each state's natural features drive the types of physical activities its residents will participate in (if you're the outdoorsy type at least), I imagine this impacts the types of injuries Arkansas PTs and PTAs rehabilitate, since thirteen major lakes means water sports, boating and fishing; two mountain ranges signals hiking, biking and possibly winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. We all know that these sorts of activities come with inherent risks. Thank goodness PTs and PTAs are there to help us get back to functioning normally when things don't go as planned!

According to the state law, physical therapists must complete 20 hours of physical therapy continuing education (keeping in mind that only 10 may be obtained from physical therapy home study programs). Physical therapy assistants are required to complete 10 hours of PTA CEUs, but only 5 can come from online CE sources. Practitioners have between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2014 to acquire these hours in order to apply for license renewal. With over 970 hours of physical therapy and PTA CEUs to choose from (and counting) our goal is to make our Course Catalog as diverse as the Arkansas landscape! Whatever your personal practice focuses on, Milestone offers online physical therapy CEU courses that combine quality, convenience and affordability so they fit perfectly into your schedule.

Check out our latest PT Course Titles!!!

Get started by browsing the course catalog. Then pick out your course titles and set up your account by following the easy steps online, or by calling and speaking with of our friendly Milestone CE representatives!


New Courses for Maryland Physical Therapists


Continuing education is the name, Course Catalog expansion is the game! We've been hard at work making sure our physical therapy CEU courses meet all of the standards and requirements for continuing education in the state of Maryland. We hope you're ready, because only the best, most relevant courses to your field are accepted into our course list! When it comes to our PT CEUs, I guess you could say we have very high standards. Here's a look at what is newly approved for Maryland Physical Therapists at MilestoneCE:

Maryland PT New Courses!

Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Physical Therapy

And there's more where these titles came from, so be sure to visit the Course Catalog to view a complete list of approved PT and PTA CEUs for Maryland based practitioners. We're looking forward to serving the needs of our Maryland Physical Therapists as they prepare to complete their CE requirements. Here's how we can help: Maryland PTs (as well as all of the professions we serve) can look forward to relevant course topics organized into modules that use evidence-based materials to demonstrate the latest techniques and information in the field. We package all of this vital information into flexible online or mail format modules that fit perfectly into your busy schedule. Print them, view them on your tablet device, or from your home or office computer. The choice is yours!

When we say we're excited to provide you with an unmatched CE experience, we mean it! Take advantage of 24-hour customer service or e-mail us ( any time, or live chat with us on our website! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the process and answer any questions along the way! All you have to do is ask: 1-800-709-8820.


Maryland Physical Therapy Updates


Maryland Physical Therapy UpdatesA new year is upon us, and that means all Maryland physical therapy practitioners with licenses ending in even numbers are up for renewal. By March 31st of this year, physical therapists will be responsible for completing 30 hours of continuing education, and all physical therapy assistants must submit 20 hours of PTA CEUs.

Our previous posts for Maryland PTs tell you everything you need to know, but in case you missed them here's a recap: Milestone physical therapy CEU courses are a trifecta of convenience, affordability and quality.

Browse our course catalog, choose the titles that best suit your professional needs and interests, create your custom cost-efficient bundle pack, select your format (downloadable PDF format or mail format) and get started! Our 24 hour customer service is available to assist you every step of the way, simply call 1-800-709-8820. Don't wait! Your deadline is only three months away!


PT Continuing Education (Oregon Edition)


With the holidays just around the corner, it may be hard to see past the end next week! But it's never a bad idea to plan ahead when it comes to your CE requirements. So let's get started!

Oregon Physical Therapy CE Requirement

Physical therapists licensed in Oregon must complete 24 hours worth of physical therapy continuing education courses in order to qualify for license renewal. The biennial deadline is up on March 31st of even numbered years. PTAs must fulfill their 12 hours of PTA CEUs within the same time frame. According to the Oregon Physical Therapy Licensing Board, one contact hour of PTA continuing education or PT CEUs is equal to one clock hour.

With no home study limitations, physical therapy practitioners in Oregon have the option to choose online CEUs, physical therapy seminars, or a combination of the two. For those practitioners looking for a way to easily incorporate continuing education into their busy lives, Milestone has the answer! Enter, our online CE courses for physical therapy. Once you've chosen the PT or PTA CEUs that best fit your area of practice, download your course materials and you're ready to go! Access your CEUs via your computer, tablet or print your course materials. When you're ready, take the online multiple-choice exam and when you pass with a 70% or higher, your Certificate of Completion will appear in your account, where it's permanently stored for your future use and records.

Check out these NEW course titles and explore hundreds of hours in our Course Catalog to find the perfect courses for you!

Want to learn more about Milestone Continuing Education? View our Mission Statement on our website. If you've got more questions, we've got more answers! Contact Us at YOUR convenience - we are available to assist you 24/7 (that includes weekends and holidays, too)!


Florida PTs Are in the Final Stretch


With your deadline only 8 days away, it's probably not necessary to cover your CE requirement in depth (but if you ARE interested, click this link to check out our detailed post covering CE Broker and Florida PT requirements). To briefly review, Florida PTs and PTAs have a CE deadline of November 30th, and are required to complete 24 hours of physical therapy continuing education in order to qualify for license renewal. Online PT CEUs are limited to 12 hours (the remaining 12 to complete the requirement must come from sources like physical therapy seminars). Therapists and assistants must report their physical therapy continuing education hours to CE Broker independently, (some online CE providers, like Milestone, report on behalf of the therapist or assistant upon completion of their hours).

Florida PT

Search through hundreds of hours of Milestone physical therapy CEU courses that are derived from the latest information and research in the physical therapy field. Choose from online format or hard copy format, take the open book multiple-choice exam online, and your certificate of completion will automatically appear in your private profile (if you passed the exam with a 70% or higher, of course!).

ALREADY COMPLETED YOUR CE REQUIREMENT? You may have completed your 24 hours already, but you can still benefit from Milestone CE! Refer a friend and Milestone will send you a check for 10% of their purchase. Learn more about Milestone's Referral Program here. Happy studying!

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OT & PT Continuing Education (Alaska Edition)


Alaska PT & OT RequirementsOn August 18, 2013, several changes regarding "...licensure requirements, temporary permits, applications, foreign trained applicants, continuing education requirements, and internships standards" were made by the Alaska Occupational & Physical Therapy Board. While some of the changes directly impact current practitioners, the overall purpose of the amendments was to "...improve the application process and clarify requirements for incoming applicants..." (See the Board News section of the Alaska Board website for links to detailed board rule updates).

Recently the Alaskan Board of Occupational & Physical Therapy updated the requirements for education for occupational therapy assistants. Among other changes, as of August 18, 2013, the amount of hours required of OTAs has doubled from the previous requirement. OTAs licensed in Alaska that have been in practice for at least a year are now required to complete 24 hours of CE courses every 2 years. If the OTA has been licensed for less than a year, however, they are only required to complete 12 contact hours of OT continuing education. Occupational therapists follow the same requirements: 24 hours of occupational therapy continuing education courses, or 12 hours if licensed for less than a year (Source).

Similarly, physical therapists and physical therapy assistants whom have been licensed for at least one year are required to complete 24 hours of physical therapy continuing education inside a renewal period of two years. Renewal applicants who have been licensed for less than twelve months complete 12 hours of physical therapy or PTA CEUs or pass the national physical therapy examination within 12 months immediately before the expiration date of the practitioner's license (Source).

Both physical therapists and assistants, and occupational therapists and assistants are required to complete their CE courses by June 30th of even-numbered years. Be sure all renewal materials are postmarked at least 90 days prior to the deadline. To see all of the current updates, please visit the board's website.

The Milestone Course Catalog has hundred of contact hours to choose from for Alaska OTs and PTs. Our CE courses for physical therapy and occupational therapy continuing education are available in two formats (online and hard copy) for your convenience. You don't have to worry about attending an OT or physical therapy seminar, because you can take Milestone continuing education courses with you wherever you go. Derived from the latest course materials available, our OT and PT CEUs provide occupational and physical therapists with current, evidence-based studies and techniques that are designed to enhance your practice and benefit your patients.

Have more questions than were answered here? Visit the FAQ section on our website and if you still have questions, contact us! We're here to serve your CE needs, and are happy to assist you via live chat, e-mail or toll-free at 1-800-709-8820.


PT Continuing Education (New York Edition)


New York Physical TherapyThere's a scene from the movie "You've Got Mail" where Tom Hanks' character, Joe Fox (aka: "NY152") is sending an e-mail to Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen Kelly (aka - "Shopgirl"). In the e-mail he writes: "Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address..."

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be able to visit New York in the fall, and I couldn't agree more. The air is crisp; people are wearing scarves and fashionable leather boots; and there's nothing I'd rather do than browse around a book store while sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Call me sappy, but I too love New York in the fall. Something else that makes fall a very special time of year is National Physical Therapy Month (click here to read our NPTM article). Right now Milestone is offering all PTs and PTAs 15% off their purchases during the month of October with promo code NPTM15.

This post is for New York PTs and PTAs. The New York State Office of the Professions states that PTs and PTAs, whom have been licensed for at least 3 years, must complete 36 hours of approved physical therapy continuing education courses in order to qualify for license renewal. Licensees have a three-year registration period in which to complete this requirement. Please be advised that an hour of PT CEUs is considered to equal 50 minutes of "organized learning activity" according to the board, and that there is no limit on physical therapy online continuing education.

The board website supplies a convenient chart that lines up the renewal date with the amount of PT or PTA continuing education you are required to obtain. If you are a licensed PT or PTA in the state of New York, but you have not yet been in practice for three or more years, the CE requirements differ for you. If you are a brand new licensee, you are not required to complete any physical therapist continuing education courses during the initial three-year registration period. Click here to view that chart and double-check your requirement and check out other details about New York's CE requirements for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.

Milestone Continuing Education is proud to supply New York PTs and PTAs with approved physical therapy online continuing education courses. Available in two convenient formats (online and mail format), our courses deliver the information needed for you to sharpen your skills and enhance your impact at your practice. Visit our course catalog and choose from hundreds of contact hours addressing topics from "Physical Therapy for Children," to our latest PT course, "Neurological Rehabilitation." Once you have selected your course format and the titles that appeal to your career needs, simply apply your discount and get started on your physical therapy CE requirement. Best of all, you can complete all 36 hours with Milestone's PT CEUs, saving you time and money!

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We're always happy to answer your questions. Reach a friendly Milestone representative via live chat, e-mail, or toll-free at 1-800-709-8820. Or visit our website for more information. Are you a New York OT or OTA? We have a post for you, too! Click this link to be taken to our article on NY OT & OTA continuing education requirements.

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