Kentucky Physical Therapy Continuing EducationGrab your fancy hats and binoculars and gather right here at the starting line with Milestone CE! We are introducing a new state to our PT continuing education approval lineup - Kentucky. The deadline for Bluegrass State PT practitioners will be here as fast as California Chrome! So hold tight to the reigns and keep reading for a review of the Kentucky continuing education requirements. And please, don't mind the derby puns, I couldn't help myself!

If you are a physical therapist licensed in Kentucky, you are required to complete 30 hours of continuing competency within the biennial renewal period, ending March 31, 2015. PT assistants are required to complete 20 hours. An hour, as defined by the Rules and Regulations, is equal to 60 physical minutes. Practitioners must keep in mind that the state divides continuing competency into two categories, where PTs must obtain at least 18 hours from Category 1, and no more than 10 from Category 2 (the remaining 2 credit hours are earned by passing the required Jurisprudence Exam). Physical therapist assistants are also required to complete the jurisprudence exam (worth 2 credits), plus at least 10 hours from Category 1, and no more than 8 hours from Category 2. We encourage practitioners to review the rules yourselves by visiting the Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy Website, or reviewing the Regulations & Procedures here.

Physical therapy practitioners (that's PTs and physical therapy assistants) have an outlying continuing competency deadline of March 31, 2015. But don't be fooled - time flies and before you know it, your deadline will be right around the corner. We say this in our posts all the time because it's true! In addition to the process of completing your continuing education courses, PTs and PTAs must take the time to choose a CE provider that meets the qualifications of the state, as well as personal expectations for quality, affordability, and convenience. In the race to the CE deadline, place your bet on the sure-fire winner - Milestone. Let our CEUs get you to the finish line - uh, I mean deadline - with the ease of downloadable PDF packaging, instant online exam grading, and permanent storage of your Certificate of Completion upon achieving a passing score of 70% or higher.

Milestone Continuing Education is an approved provider for online CE courses for physical therapists and PT assistants licensed in Kentucky and currently offers over 1,000 hours in our Physical Therapy Course Catalog, with new courses being added all throughout the year. All Milestone physical therapy CEU courses deliver practical and relevant topics that cover the requirements laid out by the Rules and Regulations - Section 1: (2) "Continued competency" means a planned learning experience relating to the scope of "physical therapy" practice as defined by KRS 327.010(1) if the subject is intervention, examination, research, documentation, education, or management of a health care delivery system."

Make it easy on yourself and take advantage of no online limitations, browse through the Course Catalog, select the titles that are most relevant to your personal and professional interests, and get started today! It may seem like a marathon now, but the best way to come out first in the race to the CE deadline is to get started today!